Here’s a little bonus day for you! :)

Truth is, this might be the MOST IMPORTANT piece of the self-kindness puzzle.

One that you’ll need to get reallllllly good at, because no matter how confident, kind, compassion you are with yourself you’ll need to keep practicing this one over and over and over and over.

Simply because you’re human.


It’s time to forgive yourself for your habitual negative self-talk.

It’s time to forgive yourself for not taking care of yourself as well as you know you can.

It’s time to forgive others for what they’ve said to you.

It’s time to forgive, heal, and welcome in kindness + compassion.


(And then again).

(And once again).


Today you’ll:

  1. do your movement video
  2. practice your mindfulness assignment
  3. mingle with me later today on FB LIVE



Today's "MOVEMENT" piece is more subtle. We're paying attention to internal movements, and body movements initiated by breath. 

You’ll need:

  • 7 minutes
  • Something comfortable to sit on: a chair, yoga block, pillows, or folded blanket


Do this Forgiveness Meditation with me to connect, get in touch with your body + breath, and find movement within stillness.

*Want to listen to some soothing tunes throughout? Find the playlist HERE.




  • Write a letter of forgiveness + love to your body.
  • You can incorporate + use the aspects we’ve addressed in the past 5 days for inspiration.
    • Habitual thoughts
    • Reframing thoughts + “Here’s what I know…”
    • Facing a challenge / Creating a boundary / Saying “No” to something that no longer serves you
    • Practicing acts of kindness
    • OWNing YOU
  • Read it out loud to yourself + share it with the group.


*I encourage you to do this exercise - even if it feels woo-woo or cheesy! - it’s M O N U M E N T A L.

**Yours doesn’t have to resemble anything close to mine, but in case you’d a starting point, here's a recent letter I wrote...


Dear body,

Thank you for carrying me through life. I’m sorry for the years I didn’t nourish you well, for the times I treated you like a disgrace to me, for not listening when you sent me clear signals. I’m sorry for speaking so negatively about you in the past.

Here’s what I know: I want to be friends. I want to be on the same team. I want to treat you like THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in my life, because you are. I’m grateful that my strong legs can dance and swim and skip. I’m grateful my arms help me express myself and can rub soothing oil into my skin and can hug the people I love. I’m grateful for the curves of my belly. I’m so in tune with my center, my intuition, my life force.

Here’s what I know: I’m committed to appreciating my hands and doing everything I can do to heal when my eczema flares up. I’m committed to caring for my reproductive health so that I don’t lose my period again. I’m committed to moving my body, eating well, and supporting my mental health so that I can age gracefully, be pain free, be strong + balanced, feel proud of my body, and show up confidently in my skin.    

On the days when I get hard on myself, beat myself up, or forget my commitments, I promise to reach out to my support network, remind myself to be kind + gentle, and remember that each new breath is a new moment to be in the right here, right now.

I promise to use my voice to speak up + advocate for myself. I promise to fully step up into who I AM and who I WANT to be. I promise to OWN me and let my ‘me-ness’ shine.

Endless love & kindness,

xoxo elyse



Meet on FB LIVE in our group at 10am ET to share what came up for you today!

*Not available at 10am? Watch the replay + leave me a comment. I respond to every one!


With love & body kindness, 

xoxo elyse



PS - What happens now, you ask!?


Tomorrow you won't receive anything new from me so you can:

1. catch up on any material you missed,

2. OR choose a movement or mindfulness assignment you want to repeat! All previous days are at (use password: bekind). 

3. OR fully be present + enjoy your Memorial Day (if you're picnicking/celebrating in the US)


Then stay tuned... on Tuesday I have a special announcement for you!!!