You got over the hardest part yesterday, which is just getting started.

Now let’s keep the momentum going.

Today you’ll:

  1. do your movement video
  2. read a short story from me + practice your mindfulness assignment
  3. mingle with me later today on FB LIVE



You’ll need:

  • 10 minutes
  • Yoga mat or towel to lay down on
  • A pair of dumbbells (or soup cans - like me! - water or shampoo bottles)


Do this Upper Body Strength + Stretch video to build confidence, strength and flexibility.

*If you’re an advanced mover, use heavier weights for these moves! Ideally, you'll feel fatigued by the final repetition. If you have a gym bench available to you, you can also do these moves while lying down on the bench.

**Want a soundtrack for this workout? Find the playlist here.



What habitual thoughts about yourself did you notice from yesterday’s mindfulness assignment?

*Missed yesterday’s assignment? Read it here.

Today we’re going to build on the noticing you did yesterday and turn it into a NEW thought pattern.


A few years ago I felt like I was stuck… or wavering… or I didn’t even know what.

And I kept telling myself that AND saying it out loud. I was repeating it over and over and over:

“I don’t know….”

“I don’t know what I want”

“I don’t know where to go from here”

“I don’t know how to make that happen”.

I was working with a coach and we uncovered this self-defeating phrase as an instigator of a lot of indecision, low self confidence and inaction.

Because the truth was, even if I didn’t know everything, I knew something.

Every time I started saying it, she stopped me. “Ah!”, she’d say, “start that sentence again with ‘Here’s what I know...’”.


Say this phrase out loud:


See how much more power there is there?


It’s not pretending that something is true that’s not authentic and aligned for you in the moment.

It’s being more accurate, more confident in what’s here right here, right now.

  • “I don’t know…” turned to “Here’s what I know…”
  • “I’m not a natural leader” turned to “I use my voice to share + create community”
  • “I’m not tall enough to be a dancer” turned to “I follow my passion and take action towards my dreams”


The bonus is this - you will create new neural pathways in your brain and therefore adapt your actions when you practice this.

You will become this NEW version.



  • Choose ONE of your thoughts to reframe.
  • Makes sure it feels powerful and authentic.
  • Use it throughout the day in conversation with other people and with yourself!



Meet on FB LIVE in our group at 12pm ET to share what came up for you today!

*Not available at that time? Watch the replay + leave me a comment. I respond to every one!


With love & body kindness, 

xoxo elyse