You’ve done it!!! Give yourself some major props + a huge back on the back.

Secret is… we’re not done quite yet.

Tomorrow I have a BONUS day in store for you - which may be the most monumental piece in this self-kindness path - so stay tuned for that!  

For now...

Today you’ll:

  1. do your movement video
  2. read a short story from me + practice your mindfulness assignment
  3. mingle with me later today on FB LIVE



You’ll need:

  • 10 minutes
  • Yoga mat or towel to lay down on
  • *optional* extra folded towel or blankets


Do this Lengthen & Stretch Video to release and relax through your whole body.

*Want a soundtrack for this workout? Find the playlist HERE.



I’ll be honest - I thought long + hard about using today’s video in #BeKindBodyMind.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to show you pregnant me. For a lot of reasons.

A) it’s not what my body looks like in the rest of the videos (those were filmed long before)

B) Yes, even though I know pregnancy is when you’re supposed to gain weight and it’s a HUMAN you’re growing and it’s natural and normal and NECESSARY… it’s still an adjustment to gain 30 lbs all concentrated at your belly

C) I’m very aware of the common - and not often talked about - experiences with fertility, loss, and heartbreak many people face around the subject of pregnancy and birth. I see you, I’m here for you, and I understand that it might not be for everyone right now.

However, this is my truth at the moment.

This is me OWNing ME and who I am and where I’m at right now. And so I’m showing up for you as that.

Also, I have no qualms with wearing rainbow socks and a different, clashing type of rainbow yoga pants. ;) Color. It’s my thing. If we met on the street you’d probably find me in 3 different bright color garments that don’t particularly match.

All this to say, you’ve got to OWN where you’re at and who you are.

Celebrate your weirdness (we’ve all got some, right?).

Your quirks and the stuff that might make you feel self-conscious? It’s what makes you uniquely you and the more you OWN that, the more confidence you’ll have to love yourself unapologetically. Defy traditional standards that don’t align with you, and stand proudly in your shoes - in YOUR skin.



Choose a way to EMBODY your uniqueness.

  • Put on the bold lipstick
  • Wear the outfit that’s not mainstream
  • Post a video YOU think is funny
  • Flex your muscles for someone
  • Take a selfie

Tell us in our group... how are you going to OWN where you're at and who you are today?



Meet on FB LIVE in our group at 10am ET to share what came up for you today!

*Not available at that time? Watch the replay + leave me a comment. I respond to every one!


With love & body kindness, 

xoxo elyse