We start #BeKindBodyMind tomorrow. YAY!

Today we’re pre-gaming. :)

Each day you’ll get a movement video, a mindfulness assignment, and a short personal story from me delivered to your inbox.


To get ready:

1. Gather your materials.


  • 10 minutes for movement each day
  • 2 minutes for a mindfulness assignment each day
  • A yoga mat or towel to lay down on
  • *optional* pair of light weights (water bottles, soup cans, or shampoo bottles will work as well)
  • your printable calendar
Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 5.24.18 PM.png


2. Introduce yourself to the group!


Introduce yourself and tell us why it’s important to you to focus on body + mind kindness.

Then continue to check in with the daily Facebook Live videos so you know you’re not in this alone. You’ll get extra support + stories from me and you’ll get to connect with everyone else doing this with you.


3. Form your posse!


It’s not too late to get your friends to join you. You are more likely to succeed when you have a supportive community doing this along with you.

I just joined in this free 5 day #BeKindBodyMind course with workouts you can do at home in under 10min. No fancy equipment required! Want to focus on increasing body kindness with me? Let’s do it together, sign up here: bekindbodymind.elysesparkes.com

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I'll be back in your inbox tomorrow with a movement video + a mindfulness assignment to officially start day #1, YAY!

Any questions before then? Hit reply to this email or post here.


To pre-gaming for kindness in body + mind,

xoxo elyse