Big announcement!

My new small family and I have decided to say goodbye to Brooklyn and head to the west coast.

And soon - by the end of this month! 

Which means that I'm saying goodbye to my long time 1:1 at-home clients of Brooklyn as well. 

Some of these amazing clients I've been seeing 2-3x/week for over 10 years!!! 

It's a difficult transition, but I've lined up an incredible trainer to work with my in-person clients, so I know they'll be in great hands!

And I'm excited to be close to my family and see what new adventures California has in store for my business. :)

At the moment, I feel suspended between the 'not here anymore' and 'not quite there yet'.  

EXACTLY like THIS (which was only 7 months ago!!!)!  

Has anyone else moved more than once in a year? Geez, it's a lot of transition-ing! 

Once we get our feet on the ground in California I'll have some new online offerings for you, so I'll still be able to work with you in that way. Hurray!!

Now I can hear you wondering: where in California!?!?

We'll be moving to Ventura. Our new apartment wasn't affected by the fires and the air quality looks okay right now.

Many people nearby (and all throughout the state) are still being affected.

My family is safe, but they could see flames blazing from their windows and had to evacuate their home. 

I'll admit, I'm slightly terrified to be moving so close to the area of the Thousand Oaks shooting and fires!! 

One thing that has kept my heart and mind positive is knowing there are so many people and organizations helping out and being able to send donations to those organizations.

On Instagram, I asked if you knew about ways to help and you delivered!

Here are a few places to start if you're able to send Californians some aid: 

The Foundation for Las Virgenes Schools - relilef goes straight to local families

How to Help the California Fire Victims by the NY Times

Together Rising

American Red Cross

Everytown for Gun Safety

I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe as well.

That's the big update for now, you'll still be getting programs from me with fitness, mindfulness, and body kindness stuff in the future!

Want some of that now? Start here.


With love and major transitions, 

xoxo elyse


PS - I'm moving out of Brooklyn, but that doesn't mean your in-person training has to stop!

If you want individualized one-on-one training with a focus on balance, strength, and body kindness, I've got the perfect trainer for you!

Contact me and say "Tell Me More!" for me to send you all the details!


PPS - Have you ever moved more than once in a year?

I want to hear about it!

Tell me your story in the comments here.  





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