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Actually you can.

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Actually you can.

I slapped a tattoo on my arm before I went to a business retreat last week, because I desperately needed a change of perspective. 

(It's temporary. ;) And gold. And shiny. You can get one too right here). 

As I was checking into the flight online I could feel ALL my insecurities popping up. 

"I can't do this." 

"Who do I think I am?"

"I'm not good enough." 

(BTW if you go to work conferences too my good friend + storytelling coaching Marsha Shandur just wrote a BRILLIANT story about this, she calls it The Conference Feeling, you might relate!). 

We all have that, right?

Those pesky thoughts that we repeat over + over again and BELIEVE, even though they're not really true. 

A movement example...

I started working with a new personal training client recently and she was like: 

"Aahhh I'm so out of shape I can't even hold a plank for 30 sec." 

ME: Hmmm, actually I bet you can. 

She did. 

Then she held another 60 sec.

With perfect form.

That 'ol "I can't" story, isn't serving anyone. 

At the conference I mentioned, Dr. Jade Teta spoke about this - how we have to shift our perceptions in order to change the stories we have about ourselves and how you have to 'BE it till you see it'.

Intrigued by this, I incorporated the idea into the sample Sculpt Your Future session I led at Rebecca Casciano's Sacred Beauty Collective a few nights ago. We all created a new MOVEMENT MANIFESTO for ourselves.

It was amazing to see these ladies literally punch + kick out their old stories and transform them into NEW power statements!

Mine? I built upon my (temporary) tattoo + kept it strong and simple: 



That's my new story right now.

What's yours?

1. What is an old story that you've been repeating to yourself?

2. What is the new story you want to tell yourself?


Leave a comment below, I'd really like to know! 


With love and punching/kicking/plank-ing to new heights, 

xoxo elyse


PS - Want to come move you body + mind with me in-person? I have a new events page on my website!

*Photos from previous event by Deb Hall

*Photos from previous event by Deb Hall

Scroll to October + you'll find: 


OCT 5th, 6pm - I'll be sharing transformational movement tools to help nourish and support your beauty, health and happiness throughout fall and winter at Rebecca Casciano's Sacred Beauty Collective Fall/Winter preview!

>> Get your tickets here


OCT 18th, 7pm - I'll be leading movement with Six Degress Society, a fabulous community where social networking, career and learning unite!

>> Get your tickets here


I'd love to see you in the real life flesh! 

Not in NYC? Share this with someone who might like to attend. Thanks! :) 


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Build THIS kind of Strength


Build THIS kind of Strength

I agreed to teach for a week on an island off of New Hampshire without knowing exaaaactly what I was getting myself into. 

I had been warned: 

  • only 3 (luke warm if you're lucky) showers per week
  • it will be 'campy' - in all senses of the word
  • wifi is iffy at best 9 miles off shore

Turns out that it was a family conference called Life on a Star, on one of the picturesque islands of the Isles of Shoals

LOAS seagull.jpg
LOAS yellow flower 2.jpg
LOAS coastal.jpg

(Rocky coast, seagulls, lighthouses, crashing waves... the epitome of New England-ness).

Non-showering aside, it was extremely magical.

I got to... 

  • teach daily yoga + swing dancing to energized and engaged students, 
  • watch dozens of dolphins come into the harbor
  • join in the Starlettes' synchronized swimming performance (in 60 degree ocean water, no less!),
  • disconnect from the internet (except for a few instagrams about aforementioned magical-ness)

But what I really got was an immersion into the sense of STRONG COMMUNITY.

I met sisters, brothers, parents, grandparents, cousins, in-laws, kiddos... who had all been coming year after year to enjoy this sacred time together.

Yes, they come together on the island for fun and relaxation (family summer camp, if you will), but they also told me stories of coming together back at home when they need it most.

They help support each other when someone is sick, when someone else is in job transition, or when someone passes away. 

By sharing this precious week together year after year, they create a strong, loving, welcoming, and supportive community.

Since I've gotten back to the "real" world, this sense of community feels imperative. 

Among the hurricanes, wild fires, nuclear threats, white supremacy riots, and many other horrifying things happening all over the world, we need STRONG COMMUNITIES where we can get support, compassion, give + receive help, and come together to take inspired action individually and globally.  

I want more STRONG COMMUNITIES in my life and I want to invite you to join in!

That's why I've designed this brand new in-person event series, Sculpt Your Future, where it's all about building strength in MOVEMENT, CREATIVITY, + CONNECTION. 

Within each event, we'll build: 

  • physical strength with a movement class,
  • internal strength through intentional journaling exercises, and
  • strength within community by connecting deeply with the other passionate people in each workshop.

The first 6 week series starts here in NYC on Thursday, September 28th at Doing/Living Marketplace!


We'll dive into themes like:

  • CONNECTION - tuning in to listen to your body's unique wisdom + get clear on what you want.
  • HEART - defining what fulfillment means to you + determining your values.
  • CHALLENGE - identifying your obstacles + learning the 'martial arts' way to handle them.
  • PERSEVERANCE - "nevertheless she persisted", aka how consistency, grit, + going after it lead to MASSIVE change.
  • ALIGNMENT - practicing coming back to center + how to be grounded amongst chaos.
  • EXPANSION - finding strong stability in order to lengthen, grow, take action and move forward.


Join us to sweat out stress, spark creativity, and step into your best self for the rest of the year! 


With love + building STRONG COMMUNITY, 

xoxo elyse


PS - Not in the New York area?

Send this to someone who might like to join OR become part of our online membership community from anywhere in the world!


PPS - Banner photo by Robert Levine! 


Want to be more kind to yourself as you get fit?

Enter your name + email to get this 14 page printable Self-Kindness journal delivered to your inbox!