Here are 5 things I've done recently that have really helped me connect inward and receive some nourishing energy.

Sharing with you in case they can help you too!

Give 'em a read and leave me a comment to tell me which one resonates with you or which one you'll try. 



1. Learn how to have the tough conversations, find your True Belonging + stand alone in your truth...

Prepping to talk politics at a holiday dinner or have to type an intelligent response to a troll on your "Me Too" post? Read this!

Brené Brown just released a new book: Braving The Wilderness, The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone.

I devoured it in 2 days!

She explores how to find your true belonging in a world of increasing polarization. Read this if you want to practice standing in your truth, even if your view goes against the popular opinion around you.

If leaders really want people to show up, speak out, take chances, and innovate, we have to create cultures where people feel safe - where their belonging is not threatened by speaking out and they are supported when they make the decision to brave the wilderness, stand alone, and speak truth to bullshit.
— Brené Brown


2. Take the inner journey + write it out... 

If all the external stimulus (your facebook feed, reading the news, your co-worker's opinion etc.) is leaving you feeling disconnected, confused, and uptight - unplug and take time to dive into YOUR thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Elena Brower created a BEAUTIFUL book, entirely composed of journaling prompts to help you go inward to Practice You

We constantly doubt it, but we have all the wisdom we already need. This gorgeously curated book bring that inner wisdom forth and onto the page. Just holding this journal feels calm, peaceful, and nourishing. 

How can you practice your best self? Having endured times of doubt, disconnection, and insufficiency, I’ve learned that the only way out of that morass is to go inward.
— Elena Brower

3. Put your MOVEMENT first and make it inspirational...

If you've been around me for awhile, you know I'm a huge fan of Erin Stutland's work. She combines uplifting mantras and movement in a way that truly MOVES you forward in your life. Don't know what action to take? She'll help you find how to take aligned action and (literally) get moving on it. 

5 minutes is all you need to get a good sweat therapy session.

PS - I'm certified to teach her technique and I'm a proud affiliate of her online programs because I've seen the huge shifts in my own life. Doing her process affected everything from developing my business to meeting my husband! She has some sweet bonuses and discounts if you join in her program before Friday October 20th at midnight EST.

Click here to get in there! 



4. Share safe space with people who can support you...

Supportive community is where's it at!!!!

As much as I love my online peeps, I've upped my commitment to find IN-PERSON supportive communities. There's just something different about receiving group energy in the real live flesh.

I've been teaching my new Sculpt Your Future event recently at places like Rebecca Casciano's Sacred Beauty Collective and with Six Degrees Society. Building a tribe of people who can create safe space for your to explore your feelings, emotions, actions helps with processing everything that's going on around you. 

I'll be leading another session for the Sacred Beauty Collective's Fall/Winter session coming up soon. We'll do a gentle yoga + restorative movement practice and journal about letting go of what no longer serves us. 

PS - Here's a discount for you if you can attend live in NYC! Use code GODDESS when you register at to get $50 off! 


5. Get off social media...

Simple, no explanation necessary. 

Just. Stop. Scrolling. 

Go outside.

Talk a walk.

Call a friend.

Do #1 - #4. 

It will sooth the soul. 



Hope these tools can be helpful to you! 


With love and connecting body/mind/soul, 

xoxo elyse



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