Easier said than done, of course!

Especially when you're busy. You've got bills to pay, kiddos to take care of, deadlines to meet, classes to take, and you're attempting to stay in shape on top of all of that.

It's at the times you feel like you're juggling a thousand porcelain cups, like you don't have an extra second, that it's MOST important to do less and take time off.

Time off doesn't have to mean dropping everything and moving to a remote tropical island (although I was fantasizing about that back in January). ;) 

Time off can be: 

  • closing your eyes for a few moments on the train, 
  • taking a stretch break at work
  • not checking your phone before bed, 
  • or taking a local weekend getaway and taking time to read magazines and swim in an Endless Pool

Recently I've done all of the above to give myself a "time out". 

"Often just twenty minutes, or even twenty seconds, of "time out" - time, literally, off - where we return to our breath and body, can do wonders for our brains, nervous systems, hands, arms, and backs." ~Marc Lesser, author of LESS, Accomplishing More by Doing Less

This month I've been taking it even further by taking internet fasts on Sundays. No email, no Facebook (...okay, okay, there's still some instagram-ing happening). ;)

Because of this time away from technology, I've been able to spend time with my precious family and swing with this cutie, take JOYworkouts through brooklyn, connect with more friends, create a 'city garden' in my apartment, and leisurely read, Just. For. Fun. 

By taking time off and doing LESS of something you don't really need to be doing, you have time to do MORE of what you want to be doing.

I'm committing to continue taking mini adventures every Sunday this month instead of sitting behind my computer! Enter hashtag: #AdventuringInApril :)

Over to you...

How are you going to take time off and DO LESS?

1. What are the activities that are sucking your time away? Do you need to be doing them? Can you delegate, postpone, or let go of them altogether?

2. What is it that you really WANT to be doing in your time off? Reading? Working out? Adventure-ing? Sleeping?

*Did you choose working out? ;) ...Here's an Arm Burn and a Power Leg workout you can do right now in 6 min each.

3. Gift yourself some time off this week and do that thing!

Send me an email and I'll help keep you accountable!

I want to hear how you're going to DO LESS.

With love and "time out", 

xoxo elyse


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