It's August 27th and my local grocery store has Halloween candy where the pool floats were just last week!


Whether you love it or hate it the end of the year is about to zoom by. 

How do pumpkin lattes evolve into champagne toasts so quickly!?!

Before we get lost in the holiday hustle (Christmas jingles, just shhhhhhhhhhhhhh)...

Let's pause, 

and calmly take a look at what we need to enjoy and appreciate - even feel AMAZING - during the next few months.


All candy corn jokes aside, I'm returning to creating new services/programs/events and I'd love to hear directly from you about how I can help you end this year feeling good in your body. 

Would you take a sec to answer these Q's: 

1. What frustrations or struggles come up for you (about your body or business) throughout the end of the year and/or holiday time?

2. What do you wish it could be like instead?

3. What service/product/program could I create that would help you with that? 


You can leave a comment OR go the fancy (and anonymous) route and write your answers in this form. 

There are bonus questions in the form and admittedly one of them might be a toughie to answer!

Your input is extremely helpful, I read every single email and response that comes in.

Thank you in advance!


With love and fully enjoying the last month of summer, 

xoxo elyse



PS - All this candy corn DOES have me thinking about another thing I take very seriously: 

My Halloween costume!

So, EXTRA CREDIT: If you have a costume idea for me and Baby T, do tell! 

We love a good group costume like this or this. :)


PPS - Your answers to these questions could help many people feel better in their skin.

Click here. It’ll l take a quick sec, thanks so much! 


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