Holidays + parties + house guests + overflowing amounts of food/drink + long car travels + out of the daily routine + plenty of movies to be watched =

A whole lot of body grogginess. 

[Raise your hand if you're feeling it] 

I am! 

I can feel my mind tipping toward what I like to call 'calculation mode': 

  • "Starting tomorrow only salads until New Year's Eve!" 
  • "January 2nd I'll start with a clean slate."
  • "If I do 5 hardcore workouts this week, it'll make up for the past two weeks!"
  • "There's 3 weeks until my honeymoon on the beach, can I get in shape in that amount of time!?!" 

But after years of thinking like that (especially around New Year's!) I know now what that does for me in the long run.

It takes me out of the current moment and backfires with bingeing/starving and over/under exercising cycles. All while increasing my anxiety with a constant feeling of chasing after something I can never achieve.

And it's not particularly motivating. 

Can you relate? 

I still have these thoughts, sometimes on the daily! 

Here's the difference: 

Instead of convincing myself to follow through with those things when the thoughts come up, now it clues me in to say to myself:

"Woooooooah, SLOW DOWN there sista!

How about we back up, take a deep breath, and ask the question that really wants to be answered:

What does my body truly need right NOW?"

Not on January 1st.

Or tomorrow.

Or the tomorrow after tomorrow.

Not the master complex plan.

What do I need right here, right now? 

For me, after I taken a long(ish) period of rest, my body is asking for movement.

Easing into it usually feels like the right thing to do.

Some simple moves that connect me to my breath and move my spine.

If that's you too, here are some sequences that can help: 

If your body came up with a different answer, I'm curious... what did it say?

Can you gift yourself that today?

Comment below and tell me what your body is asking for and what you're going to do to give it that today!

With love and bringing your attention to the now, 

xoxo elyse


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