I sat down with Kelsey Fox Bennett, healer, educator and self-love + mindfulness coach, to talk our deepest desires and how we can bring them to the surface.

We talk about how to break free from life-long pain patterns that hold us back from our goals, and how to live our lives with ease and freedom.

Kelsey walks us through an exercise we can use to start breaking patterns TODAY in this interview- so, you’re not going to want to miss this one!


Plus, we go over: 

~ (:35) How to transform outdated patterns into daily ease

~ (9:10) One of Kelsey’s favorite tools to use to help reduce stress

~ (15:26) The key to consistency and why it creates lasting change

Share your experience in the comments below about your shifts with today’s exercise!




*Don’t miss out on an exercise you can do with us that starts at 9:10!


We'd love to hear how it goes, so share with us in a comment below: 

~ What shifts did you notice after doing this exercise with us?  

~ What did you NOTICE happening in your body before + after the exercise?



Want more from Kelsey? 

Kelsey has a FREE webinar coming up called “From Panic to Grace: How To Navigate Challenging

Conversations”. It will help you change the way you feel and how you approach these tough

interactions. You’ll get practical advice and heart-centered tools to

help you feel and act your best under pressure and turn challenging conversations into

opportunities for true connection and understanding.

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With love and new pathways to healing, 

xoxo elyse





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