I sat down with Nichole Wurth, coach and creator of Wildly Alive, who is on a mission to help you create a kick ass life + body - so you don’t need to crave the cookies!

We talk about the 3 most important steps to practicing self-care, and all about what it truly means to become a food LOVER.

Nichole offers so many insights and practical steps you can take to start creating your own kick ass life today- I can’t wait to share this conversation with you!


Plus, we go over: 

~ (:55) How to overcome resistance to self-care

~ (3:40) Meeting “Helga” + why personifying our own inner self-saboteur empowers us

~ (12:20) How to become a food LOVER

~ (24:54) Why playing in our dreams has power and influence over our current reality

~ (29:50) The 3 steps to self-care



 We'd love to hear how it goes, so share with us in a comment below: 

~ Which step resonated with you?

(29:50) The 3 steps to self-care

  1. Identify your own “Helga”

  2. Be a food LOVER

  3. Play in your dreams

(12:20) How to become a food LOVER

  • Look at your food

  • Observe what you taste

  • Venture inward

  • Eliminate distractions

  • Rest your fork and breathe

~ Which step are you going to take action on right away?

Want more from Nichole? 

If you’re ready to finally create a life that’s aligned with who YOU truly are and leaves you so fulfilled that all of those cravings disappear, Nichole can help! Learn more about Nichole’s work here.

And learn all about being a food LOVER here!


With love and creating a kick ass life, 

xoxo elyse





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