I sat down with Michelle Boulé, award winning performer and choreographer and Certified Body Talk Practitioner, to talk about what it really means to listen to our bodies! 

We talk about what body listening actually IS and how to use your body's wisdom to access deeper truth, connection, creativity, and healing. 

Michelle gives us says so many gems of wisdom in this interview! 


Plus, we go over: 

~ (0:55) What is 'BODY TALK'?

~ (5:10) Why trial & error and curiosity win over the "perfect route" 

~ (8:30) The ONE technique that can:

A) update the map of everything going on in your system,

B) reset your stress response,

C) balance your masculine + feminine (energetically speaking, not gender specific), and

D) have better sleep + more creativity

~ (10:40) And an exercise that can balance all areas of your brain + body! 





*Don't miss out on the exercise you can do with us that starts at 10:40.


**Plus, one of my FAVORITE golden nuggets Michelle gifts us at 15:04: 

The body is not just where we end physically. This is the map of our relationships, of our history, of our potential... So the more we can pay attention to this the more powerful we can be in the world, and the more present, and the more of service, and the more we can enjoy being in the world. It’s a journey.


We'd love to hear how it goes, so share with us in a comment below: 

~ What shifts did you notice after doing this exercise with us?  

~ What does 'body listening' mean to you?



Want more from Michelle? 

Whether you want to relieve chronic pain or illness or connect more deeply to your vitality, creativity and a new level of radical wellness, Michelle can help you get there. Check out her work here


With love and deep body listening, 

xoxo elyse





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