There is SO MUCH more to life than weight loss. 

And yet... 

I spent many many New Year's Days writing out my target weight goals and devising complex systems for my exercise and meal plan in order to lose that 'final 5lbs'.

Finally, THIS will be it!

Then throughout the year I would stare at the scale every morning (sometimes noon and night too) to loose that weight OR to make sure I wasn't gaining.

Ironically, those years were the most UN-healthy times of my life.

I felt like there was always weight I couldn't shed, I had anxiety attacks, loss of my period, had severe skin and digestive problems, and so much mental stress that I could never relax at a meal with friends. I always had to be moving to 'burn calories' (I even took up knitting so I could move my hands while I watched a movie)!

Studying mindfulness flipped that lifestyle on it's head and now I feel connected with my body (how it is, right here, today) and exercise and eat for altogether different reasons.

If you're exhausted by writing LOSE 5 POUNDS on your resolution list (yet again), follow these steps for a new approach. 

*Pssst... You can write your own answers in (click here), with this interactive worksheet!

Find your WHY

One thing that helped me was shifting my focus from "Skinny=Happy" to "Healthy=Happy". Instead of my one and only goal being to maintain a certain weight, I concentrated on using food and exercise to heal my health. 

I see huge shifts in my clients and program participants when I encourage them to dig deep and discover the true WHY behind their health and wellness goals.

What is it for you?

  • increased energy,
  • more sound sleep,
  • building flexibility/stability/mobility,
  • practicing balance,
  • being able to lift your kids/grandkids,
  • improving your posture,
  • reducing stiffness, aches and pains,
  • preventing diabetes and high blood pressure,
  • preventing frail bones,
  • improving your digestion, 
  • decreasing mental stress, 
  • feeling confident in your clothes?

1. Write out ALL of the reasons being fit is important to you.

2. Keep it somewhere you can see it everyday and look it over when you need a friendly reminder. :)

Take an action towards how you want to FEEL

If the number goals (lose 5 pounds, have a 29 inch waist, etc.) ARE really important to you, go deeper into the WHY behind that as well.

Ask yourself:

  • WHY is this important to me?
  • What will be available to me when I reach this goal?
  • What will I do differently when I've gotten there? 

3. Write out the answers to the questions above. 

  • Will you buy yourself a new outfit? 
  • Go to a group yoga class?
  • Start dating again? 
  • Apply for a new job? 
  • Finally think you look good? 
  • Make a YouTube video for your business? 
  • Take a selfie? 

4. Choose something you can do TODAY to treat yourself like you're ALREADY there.

  • Buy yourself an outfit you like!
  • Go to a class!
  • Set up a date!
  • Compliment your body (to yourself or to a friend!). 

I know, I know!

This might feel uncomfortable.

You might want to deprive yourself from the get-go and say, 'but I'm NOT there yet!'

So I'm going to step up on my soap box for this one.

Listen up:

You've got ONE life to live and the living starts NOW.

From my personal experience and from working with hundreds of people over the past 12+ years, those magical five pounds are NOT the catalyst for change. 

The catalyst for change starts in shifting your thoughts and your actions.


A) Talking to yourself and about yourself with respect and honor.

B) Moving from product based goals (ie: lose 10 lbs by May) to PROCESS based goals ("I move my body - in a way that's exciting to me - for 30 minutes 3x a week. I text a friend when I need support").

C) Recognizing that,

  • your body is with you for the long run, so this whole health/fitness/wellness stuff is an ongoing, continual process, and
  • gifting your body exercise and nutritious food is something that's important to do at ANY + ALL body sizes, shapes, and ages.

D) Treating yourself like your most precious possession.


Ready to really take action on this?

Click HERE for an interactive worksheet to record your answers and go deeper into this process!


After you go through the worksheet, I'd love to hear about your answer to #3!  

Comment below and let me know what is the thing you're going to commit to do TODAY?

With love and shifting thoughts and actions, 

xoxo elyse


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