Please tell me I’m not going to live surrounded by boxes for the rest of my life.

Dramatic? Yes. Ha! 

We’re in that awkward phase of having our apartment 93% packed, but not quite at moving day yet.

All that STUFF that comes along with any transition?

(oh hey there anxiety, fear of the unknown, unanswered questions, "buyer’s remorse", doubt, lack of clarity, nerv-citement)...

It’s dialed up big time.

We’re straddling.

No longer in the old land of security / comfort / the familiar, and not YET in the land of exciting + new! / better than we could’ve imagined / clear hindsight.

This place is mega uncomfortable for me.

It’s a place that accompanies most life transitions though, right?

So best to practice being (and by that I mean BEING) right smack in the middle of it.

Dancing with the chaos.

Finding stillness in the eye of the storm.

Having faith that next step on the staircase will show up.

Focusing on the right now... and the right Now... and the right NOW...


This is one of those tough pills to swallow around body kindness + acceptance.

It IS possible to be body positive + love yourself AND ALSO want to work towards a health/fitness/wellness goal.

The magic happens when you’re taking steps towards your goal, you have a “ I’M NOT THERE YET!” moment and instead of letting the


fear of the unknown,

unanswered questions,



...take you off the path, let it remind you to stay in the center, feel the feels, and BREATHE.


Have you experienced this?


On a Moving To A New Apartment level, I’m practicing it (with only mild success). ;)

On a Body Kindness note, I’ve been practicing it for a while and although it's not perfect (never is), it’s gotten easier and easier and easier to acknowledge and breathe through.


I want to talk about the body kindness angle more frequently, so starting next Monday April 30th I’ll be on Facebook Live at the @ElyseSparkes page Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's @ 12pm ET sharing a series called Tough Love on Self Love.

It’ll be quick tidbits on a subject like this + an actionable step you can do to implement more body kindness, acceptance, and compassion into your life each day.

Will I see you there? 


With love and BEING in the transition, 

xoxo elyse


PS - You know what else is uncomfortable? Doing live videos! Ha!

It can be vulnerable and kinda scary.

Seeing familiar names and reading comments from you makes it A LOT better. I’d love to see you there live or if you can't make it then come back to the video anytime to watch the replays and leave comments then! It really helps me know you're out there AND your comments help other people see that they aren't alone in this.

Join me!

WHAT: Tough Love on Self Love - short, no BS live conversations about the real deal on adding more body kindness, acceptance, and compassion into your life each day.

WHERE: Go onto my Elyse Sparkes Facebook Page (make sure you're already Liked the page so you see the notifications) 

WHEN: 12pm ET on Monday, Wednesday, Friday's next month (starting Monday April 30th)




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