I first met Saysha years ago when we worked at the same personal training studio! She has always impressed me with her passion, focus, and dedication to the things she values. Now I'm obsessed with her on instagram because she shows a full range of fitness and wellness approaches - from powerlifting to yoga + meditation - with emphasis on helping others move better in their bodies and lives.

Saysha's a competitor powerlifter, yoga teacher, musician and writer. She combines her knowledge of strength training, myofascial release and core awareness to give people the tools to empower themselves and others. She likes squats, carbs and sleeping and she thinks that those three things are the solution to most people's problems.

As a busy freelancer, she has so much wisdom and experience to share On Being Fit!

Meet Saysha Heinzman:

How Do You Help People Stay Healthy?

Teaching alignment based yoga, myofascial release and strength training.


What Is The #1 Thing Someone Could Do TODAY To Feel Better In Their Body?

Drink more water.


What's your advice to someone who's having trouble getting started with that?

Carry a bottle, set reminders on your phone and stick to a schedule.


What does a typical day look like for you and how do you fit movement into it?

I work as a freelancer 40+ hours a week so I have to schedule my workouts in a very structured way. I train for powerlifting 4x a week, do GPP or HIIT training 1-2 times a week and dedicated mobility 3 times a week. I make it work.


What other practices keep you healthy? In body and/or in mind?

I try to get regular, good quality sleep (this has been a huge challenge this year). I would love to kickstart a regular meditation practice again, and I'm trying to find the best way to fit that into my schedule. I get caught up in the "busy" trap just like anyone else, so it's important and powerful for me to say no and create space.


What is your JOYworkout?

*Elyse calls a "JOYworkout" a form of movement that is something more than a workout for workout's sake. It's exercise and it's ALSO something that: a) you just plain LOVE to do, b) builds your community, c) teaches you a new skill, d) enhances your spiritual life, e) helps you give back, f) gets you outdoors + is adventurous.

Honestly lifting is my favorite. I don't see it as a chore or as a means to an end, but as a journey. Lifting heavy weights teaches you more about yourself than anything will. It will test you mentally and physically, but is also fun and satisfying. My yoga practice is a perfect balance for powerlifting, it helps me maintain my mobility and connects me to my breathing in a very specific way.


If you "fall off the wagon" with your health + wellness, how do get back into it?

Start making lists, write it down and hold myself accountable.


Where are you getting your motivation from right now?

Other lady lifters. Pro wrestlers. Old time strongman/woman stuff.


What is a motto or quote that you live by?

"Everybody dies. Do whatever you want."



Thanks So Much For Sharing With Us Saysha! 


Want to connect with Saysha?
Find her on Instagram at @liftswithglasses


who's elyse?

Elyse gets people moving with in-person training and her signature 21-day at-home workout program. She helps make movement a joyful part of one's day, and inspires confidence with her kindness and personalized approach. When she's not doing squats + sun salutations, she's dressed up in vintage lindy hop dancing or gathering other Lovely Lady Entrepreneurs to talk about their careers and living their most passionate lives.

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