We made it to California! 

I had a ‘pinch me’ moment a few days after we moved into our new place. 

This is the apartment I've been visioning, doodling, dreaming about in my journal for a few years now!

I sat down in our new living room and thought, "Wow, this is what it feels like when your daydreams become reality. I've arrived."

Of course, that moment was fleeting...

"Your new apartment is so SMALL!", my 8 year old cousin said over FaceTime. 

Our neighbors seemed disappointed. "Aren't the fridge's supposed to have the automatic water and ice maker thingy?". They've also just moved in since their previous home was destroyed in the recent fires.

I could feel it dampen my excitement.

I went from feeling energized, abundant, shining bright... to defensive, 'less than', and dull. 

Listen, I know... one comment was from an EIGHT year old and another from someone who literally watched their home and ALL belongings burn to the ground - A LOT of disappointment is expected and understood.

And yet, it affected me.

Wallowed for a bit, and then I applied my body kindness methods to this situation and turned it around again.

I mean, I have a window at my kitchen sink!

And it doesn't even look onto cement!!!

(If you've ever lived in NYC you feel me).

In fact, this is the view:


Dishwashing + palm trees + sunset = Not complaining! 

Far too often we let other people's expectations / values / experiences / perspectives / comments determine how we feel about ourselves.

It's like when you've been getting in 3 workouts a week and feeling great about your consistency and the changes you feel in your body. But when Aunt Sally makes her comments about your weight or what you're putting on your plate at the Holiday dinner all of that self-pride diminishes and you want to stop. 

Here's an important note on self-worth:

Other people Can Not determine your self-worth for you.

YOU have to determine (and maintain) your self-worth yourself.

Sometimes easier said than done, but I have some tools and ideas to help. 

I'm going to be sharing them as a guest expert in Kelsey Fox Bennet's Abundant Living Online Course

We're going to dive in and talk Growing Your Self Worth in a special coaching call.

The course consists of 5 live coaching calls with Kelsey and 4 expert calls (including the one with yours truly!) to help you:

  • Grow your worth.

  • Start and maintain a daily self-love practice.

  • Create fierce and loving boundaries.

  • And discover freedom in forgiveness.

Kelsey’s toolbox includes how to rewire our brain and body (seriously! - she's a Licensed Brain Gym Instructor, among other interesting modalities) to help us move beyond old patterns and blocks and experience the abundance we truly desire.

I'm honored to be an expert in this course and get to explore this very important topic!

Want to join us?

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With love, self worth, and sunsets, 

xoxo elyse


PS - The quickie version: 

If you're interested in growing your self worth, creating fierce and loving boundaries, and welcoming in a ton of abundance into your life join in to Kelsey Fox Bennet's Abundant Living Online Course.

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PPS - Wondering why I'm talking about palm trees?!? I moved out of Brooklyn! 

If you're still looking for in-person at home training in NYC though, I've got you covered.

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