When you aren't able to move as much as you want to, even a tiny bit of connection to your breath and movement can keep your body feeling stronger and less stiff.

Maybe you're: 

  • traveling
  • at your desk all day
  • unable to get up and down from the floor
  • just need a quick break

Use these 3 moves to strengthen your core, bring your attention to your breath, and practice moving your spine in flexion/extension, side bending, and rotation.

You don't even have to leave your chair! 

*Case in point: I filmed this in an (empty!) airport during a layover on Thanksgiving Day. We almost missed our connection because we were so focused on filming, but we got the shot! ;) 

Try these moves out and let me know how they go! 

Want even more moves you can do while sitting or at your desk? Get the whole series here. 

With love and core strengthening even while you sit, 

xoxo elyse

Hiya, I'm elyse! 

I'm a personal trainer, fitness coach, and yoga teacher who gets people moving with in-person training and my signature online 21 day workout program. I want to help people drop the guilt/shame game around exercise and start working out with ease and kindness. When I'm not doing squats and sun salutations, I'm dressed up in vintage lindy hop dancing or gathering other Lovely Lady Entrepreneurs to talk about their careers and living their most passionate lives. Start moving with me today with these FREE stretch breaks you can do to feel more energized and aligned during your day! - stretchbreak.elysesparkes.com


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