5 Day Fitness + Body Image Mindset Reboot



My husband is Skinny Fat. 

(Those aren't my words! They're his doctor's words!)

And he's a great example of how the scale is only ONE type of measurement that misses SO MUCH of the whole picture. 



~ learn why you need to STOP idealizing certain pant sizes 

~ find out 7+ really important health benefits of exercise, besides managing weight

~ figure out how to LOVE to workout (even if you think you Hate working out)! 



Find your JOYworkout - Get out a pen + paper and do this with me.

  1. Recognize what you do like to do.  It doesn’t have to have anything to do with fitness.  So, do you like to host dinner parties?  Do you like to learn new skills?  Do you like to raise money for organizations?  Do you like to spend alone time?  Do you like to be creative?  Whatever it is, anything!  What do you like to do?

  2. Write down why you like to do that thing.  So, if you like to host dinner parties is it because you are kind of a socialite and you like to have people around you and you like to be amongst your friends or give something to your friends?  If you like to raise money for organizations is that because it makes you feel good to give back and support something that is very important to you?  If you like to have alone time and be creative, is that because it connects to your inner wisdom or you get to slow down and quiet down?  Those are just some examples of why you like to do the things you do.

  3. Find a physical activity that combines those things!  For example, again with the dinner party, you could get a group of your friends together, have tea and maybe a little pre-workout snack and then go to a fun new class, like do something kind of crazy and weird like the pole dancing classes or something like that.  Or if you want to give back then find a 5K that supports an organization that really means something to you.  Raise some money and then do the 5K in that honor and give the money back to the organization.  If you like to learn a new skill, maybe find something where you are going to be leaning a specific technique like martial arts or dance or something that you can find a guru, a teacher and follow them and learn everything you can about that subject.



*I forgot to say in the video, but my husband's JOYworkout's are biking around Brooklyn, doing yoga to relax, and lindy hop dancing for fun!

I’d love to hear what your JOY workout is. 

Leave me a comment below! 


With love and fun, joyful movement, 

xoxo elyse



I include JOYworkout time in my online programs because it’s a huge aspect of making movement balanced, fun, and something you look forward to!

We’re starting a LIVE round of the 21 Day program next Monday and 100% of the profits are going to help Puerto Rico rebuild when you purchase this week!

If you want engaging and manageable full body workouts you can do at home, based in self-kindness and mindfulness than join us!



I went from barely being able to hold a plank at all (when I really pushed myself I just made it for 40 seconds) to holding it for a whole minute and a quarter! 


Being back in the zone has made starting exercise feel easy, and Elyse’s pep talks, tips and tricks have made me understand that it’s all about balance, gentle encouragement and self-cheerleading - carrot not stick!


~Marsha Shandur


You’ll get:

~ 13 full length videos

~ membership login

~ printable calendars

~ modification + low impact options

~ extra mind/body exercises + meditations

~ access to our online community


All you need is a set of weights (5-8lbs) and a small area to move around in!


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