Every few minutes I glanced up to the upper right corner of my screen.

(4:44pm) I’ll put on my sneakers at 5pm.

(4:59pm) I’ll close my inbox + head out the door at 5:15pm.

(5:25pm) Can still make it to the 5:30 class if I run! But… I don’t want to rush, I don’t want to walk in late. Uggh.

I could feel my eyes starting to well up with tears. I had been sitting behind my desk for hours, and hadn’t worked out in days. My knees were aching and my shoulders were tight.

I was this close to saying, "Forget it! It’s not going to happen today. I’ll start tomorrow!" But I knew that the only way I was going to get out of this body funk and mental fogginess was to get on my mat.

So I took myself outside and started with these two grounding moves:

Sounds like a good place to end this story, but after I did these two moves I got attacked by mosquitos in my backyard. Oy vey!

Sometimes it feels like the odds are just not in your favor, and shouting FINE, I'LL START TOMORROW! is the only option.

This time with determination (read: frustration), I packed my mat up again and came inside. I was down to a final 20 minutes before I had to leave home to meet a friend and I KNEW I had to move.

I turned on a video from my Fast Track to Fit & Flexible mini-course so that I could get a quick effective workout in without wasting any more time on what to do and where and how to do it.

This happens to all of us from time to time, right?

Like when you planned to go to a class, but you forgot to bring your yoga pants to work [face palm].

Or you say you’re going to start tomorrow, and then a dinner with friends comes up and you’ll say OK, I’ll start the tomorrow after tomorrow!

If that ever happens to you here are some tips to help you take the stress out of the who/what/where/how of staying consistent with your fitness routine.

5 tips to stay consistent with your workout routine

1. Pre-schedule

Take a look at your calendar right now. What are the days + times you can carve out the space to move? Can you go online and pre-book a class at a studio? Can you schedule with your personal trainer? Can you put an alarm on your phone to remind you when it’s time to work out at home? When it's already booked and scheduled, you know you have to show up and you'll create the time to get there. 

2. Have a plan B

If that plan does happen to fall through, what will your back up be? It might turn out that it IS starting fresh tomorrow and that’s okay. But maybe you can also add some bedtime stretches in tonight? Or squeeze in a 6min workout right now?

3. Get your buddies involved

When you have accountability to someone beyond yourself you are much more likely to follow through! Call a friend and schedule a time to go for a walk together, turn your kiddos play date into a parent/baby workout, or post in your favorite online community for encouragement (join in our Fit & Flexible community here). Now other people will help you stick to your word!

4. Have an at-home option on board

For rainy days or last minute meetings or anytime unexpected chaos comes up, have a go-to system for creating effective at-home workouts. In my FT2FF mini-course I teach people how to break down the essential elements of creating a well-rounded workout with minimal equipment, so that you always have an option to do at home!

5. Be nice to yourself, even when it all goes to sh*^!

Know that life will always throw curve balls your way. Be KIND to yourself if things don’t go as planned. It’s almost a guarantee that at some point your plans will foil! If you miss a day it’s NOT the end of the word, it’s a chance to learn from what happened and use that information to prep yourself going forward. Self-kindness always wins in my book. :)

What about you?

What do you do to take the scheduling guessing game out of the equation?

Have any tips or ideas? I’d love to hear about them.

Leave a comment below!

With love and consistent self-kindness, 

xoxo elyse


I'm a personal trainer, fitness coach, and yoga teacher who gets people moving with in-person training and my signature online 21 day workout program. I want to help people drop the guilt/shame game around exercise and start working out with ease and kindness. When I'm not doing squats and sun salutations, I'm dressed up in vintage lindy hop dancing or gathering other Lovely Lady Entrepreneurs to talk about their careers and living their most passionate lives. Start moving with me today with these FREE stretch breaks you can do to feel more energized and aligned during your day! - stretchbreak.elysesparkes.com


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