I sat down with Tara Tagliaferro, international teaching artist, actor support ally,  song, soul & life coach, to talk about how to find happiness where you are while still striving for more in our lives.

We talk about ways to find gratitude in the now and dream bigger without attachment, plus Tara offers 4 key steps to help you along your path!

Plus, we go over: 

~(:35) Why it’s important to love where you are while still striving for more

~(10:48) Getting specific about what we want, but surrendering the timeline

~(14:19) What to do when you’re feeling stuck

~(20:48) How to see rejection as a gift

~(22:30) 4 steps to finding gratitude in the now and working towards what’s next


 Don’t miss out the 4 steps you can start practicing TODAY at 22:30


We'd love to hear how it goes, so share with us in a comment below: 

~ Try 1 (or all 4!) of the steps and share how it resonated with you

  1. Feel into a goosebump for your day

  2. When looking at the “more”, feel into what you need to say “No” to for that more to happen

  3. “It’s never never, it’s just a not right now.”

  4. Surrender the picture, and know the feeling.

~ How does it shift your perspective?

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With love and striving for more, 

xoxo elyse





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