It's easy to sit here, at my keyboard, and say



But it's harder to practice that preach.

If you're experiencing

  • injury 

  • disease

  • infertility

  • pregnancy 

  • postpartum struggles

  • miscarriage

  • depression

  • weight gain

  • weight loss

  • chronic pain

  • body dysmorphia

  • holiday stress

  • a long history of body hatred 

...or anything else that makes you feel uncomfortable in your skin, 

it's not always as simple as an affirmation or turning on your 'positive thinking' cap. 

Sometimes bodies can feel like they're betraying us, being uncooperative, or out of control. 

One of mine right now? 

Postpartum hair loss. 

(A year ago I didn't even know that was a thing! IT IS).

Logically I know it's totally normal after birth and throughout breastfeeding. But every time a clump of my curly hair falls out (my locks are sooo much a part of my identity - which is a whole different post for another time!) I let out a frustrated, 


I know my hair will grow back and it's the cause of something positive in my life, but in the moment, it feels bad.

CONFESSION: I'm not having loving thoughts toward my body when I see bald spots on my head and handfuls of my hair on the floor.

Maybe you've experienced something like this or maybe you've experienced something more drastic or permanent. 

How can we make peace with our bodies when it feels like they're turning against us?  

I believe it is possible to love yourself and at the same time desperately want your body to change.

It's a continual process.

It's going to take more transitional steps than just proclaiming 'I LOVE MYSELF'.

Here's one thing to try:

Practice recognizing where you are (right here, right now) without the extra commentary.

Start with “This is where I’m at. Today, in my body ___________.”

When I started doing that with my hair loss, I noticed I felt more compassionate, more loving, more kind to myself - without forcing it. 

I even began to put one hand on my forearm, as if a friend were comforting me.

I still don't L O V E losing my hair, but it's... shifted.

Less angst, more softening. 

Less hatred, more acceptance.

Less resistance, more self-kindness. 

Where are you at in your body right now? 

How would you fill this in (right where you are today), 

“This is where I’m at. Today, in my body ___________.”?

Comment below to let me know.


With love and body kindness, 

xoxo elyse


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