5 Day Fitness + Body Image Mindset Reboot


You know that whole “lose weight and all your problems will be solved” thing the fitness industry tries to sell you? 

(THINK: every weight loss ad, fashion magazine spread, BEFORE/AFTER pic, diet commercial you've ever seen where the person was miserable "before" and Happily Ever After "after"). 

It's not true.

It’s not sustainable.

And it’s keeping you stuck in a vicious ‘never enough’ cycle.

Believe me, I’ve tried it.



~ hear about the time I lost 30 lbs in 2 months. 

~ learn why those "last 5 lbs" ARE NOT going to change your life.

~ learn the scientific reason you MUST get your brain on board! 




  1. Simply NOTICE where you’re focusing your thoughts today.

  2. Write them down (especially if they’re unkind or generally not the direction you want to be going in)

  3. Re-write each one with a positive direction *(we’re not talking flowery language here all about puppy dogs + rainbows!, we’re talking re-writing these in a way that feels authentic to you in the moment. For example you could say something like: I’m doing my best and showing up for myself in this moment.

  4. What action aligns with that? What can you do today that will nourish your mind and body?


I’d love to hear what your Aware Thought + Action is today. 

Leave me a comment below! 


With love and new thought-feeling-action neural pathways, 

xoxo elyse




If your action DOES have to do with getting your body moving in a mind/body centered way, join us in the 21 Day program


It’s all about non-drastic non-extreme way to consistently add movement into your life. We’re starting a LIVE version next Monday - where I’ll be leading you through it - and BONUS all the profits from the program this week go to a charity to help Puerto Rico rebuild after the hurricane.


This program has given me so so much. The videos are fantastic—I can work out anywhere—in a hotel room, in my apartment, in a park—and fit it in anytime. I’m so much less stressed when I’m in the 21 day program. I look forward to exercising, I’m able to stay calmer during stressful situations, and I feel better about my body. I love the support from the Facebook group and Elyse’s weekly emails and videos. It’s a life-changer.



~Erica Cox

There are two ways to join:

$149 for the 21 Day program

$35 today + monthly installments for the 21 Day program AND a year access to the entire Workout Library.

Check out the program details here: 



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