Does your digestive system get clogged while you're traveling?

Some of the best parts of traveling - seeing new terrain by plane, train, bus, or car; changing your diet in order to try new foods from different cultural cuisines; and living in an entirely new place (possibly unsure of where you’ll find your next pit stop)  - are unfortunately also some of the things that can leave you with a clogged digestive system while you’re away.

The gut is sometimes referred to as the ‘second brain’, aka the enteric nervous system, which is said to be able to control your gut independently of your brain.

Your tummy can tell when you’re away from home and if that creates constipation and bloating, soon you can start to feel increased stress and depression too.

I’m sure that’s not the way you want to spend your vacation!

Yoga, simple self-abdominal massage and understanding your digestive anatomy (along with plenty of water and fiber!) can help your digestive system stay on track.

Read this article + follow the moves I created for to help keep you flowing while you’re traveling.

4 moves to keep things "flowing" while you're away from home.

After you've read this article, tell me what you think!

Do you get a little 'clogged' when you travel? 

Do these moves help? 

What are your tips to keep your digestive system flowing? 

Leave a comment to let me know! 

With love and getting everything moving, 

xoxo elyse


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