Shoulders feeling stiff from the winter cold? 

A long travel weekend?

Sitting all day at your desk?

This kind of tension usually creates elevated shoulders, a rounded forward chest, and a 'holding' in your upper back. De-stress (from any/all of the above) with me in this #stretchbreakwithelyse - you can do in a train, plane, or office chair. :)

Follow along with me in this 4 min video.


 Try these moves out and let me know how they go! 

Want even more moves you can do while sitting or at your desk? Get the whole series here. 

With love and upper body stretching, 


PS - I'll be back at the airport tomorrow doing this too! Latin Lover and I are going on a delayed honeymoon and we're starting it off with a 10+ hour flight, soooo yeah, I'll definitely be doing this at the airport. Want to see some of our adventures? Follow along with us on instagram

PPS - What are your favorite ways to stay fit while you travel? I'm going to be writing more about this coming up, so I'd love to incorporate your tips! Post them in the comments below! 


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