I sat down with Pre/Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist and Diastasis + Core Consultant Joanie Johnson to demystify the pelvic floor! 

--> What IS the pelvic floor?

--> WHY do we need to pay attention to it?

--> You've heard "do your kegels", but what does that mean!?!?

Joanie helps clarify all of this, and gives us an exercise to practice that's good for EVERY BODY. Especially if you want to help prevent organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, improve sex, or strengthen your core while you're pregnant. 


Plus, we go over: 

~ (2:45) What the "core" is + how it functions

~ (5:17) How this exercise protects your muscles + organs AND helps you destress + relax

~ (8:14) Why just thinking "navel to spine" is NOT the whole picture

~ (11:20) "Pregnancy Crunches" + strengthening your abs effectively





*Don't miss out on the exercise you can do with us that starts at 6:12. Do it with us!!!


We'd love to hear how it goes, so share with us in a comment below: 

~ Were you able to feel your pelvic floor while doing this technique?  

~ What did you find tricky/simple about trying this?

- Any light bulb moments? 



If you're looking for more support around strengthening you inner core unit, practicing the #PumpAndKegel method, or need a pre/post natal fitness class check out Joanie at Fit Pregnancy Club, www.fpc-nyc.com








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