It's true. I haven't exercised intensely for over 3 months.

My time has mostly been spent sleeping, feeling nauseous, hugging the toilet bowl, and eating all the sour green apple lollipops I can find. 

You may have guessed it - I'm pregnant!

My nephew drew a surprisingly accurate portrait of my emotions and my current shape (minus the tail). ;)

My nephew drew a surprisingly accurate portrait of my emotions and my current shape (minus the tail). ;)

Even though logically I know that resting my body is TOTALLY normal and was/is 100% necessary for me, it has still been a challenge to adjust to slowing down and accept all the rapid changes in my body.

I've had to practice what I preach BIG TIME and dial up the volume on my self-acceptance and self-kindness.

And that's not really about pregnancy.

It's about recognizing the cycle, season, ebb & flow of where you are in *this* current moment.

Fitness doesn't work in a straight line.

It's not a hard "before" and "after".

Not a clear point A to a point B.

It goes up and down, depending on
careers / relationships / home / location / injuries / mental health / energy level / phase of life / hobbies / interests, etc. etc.

Maybe you wanted to hit the gym hard in the New Year, but then you caught the flu?

Maybe you just switched jobs and the learning curve is overwhelming, not to mention the new 12 hour days!?

Maybe you've been caring for a relative, and your focus on your own health has flown out the window?

Maybe you have a newborn and you're healing your own body as you nurture your little one?

The best thing we can do?

I think it's cultivating awareness to recognize where we are in our (life) cycle and then do the best thing we can to treat ourselves with kindness in the moment.

At times that might be a kick butt sweat-a-thon and green smoothie! 

At other times that might be doing child's pose through an entire yoga class and then buying yourself a lollipop. <---- ME. ;)

Where are you right now?

What's the next best thing you can do to honor where you are and be kind to yourself?

Share your experience in the comments! 


With love, body kindness, and a new life adventure!  

xoxo elyse


PS - Answers to baby Q's: We're waiting to find out the sex and we're due in July! :)

PPS - Have you been pregnant? Or had a big life phase/experience that changed your body or the way you approach health, wellness, fitness? I think sharing our stories brings us closer and helps us realize we're not alone. Feel free to share in the comments if you feel inclined! 

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