5 Day Fitness + Body Image Mindset Reboot


I went to a group fitness class recently + I got PISSED. 

The things the instructor was saying for motivation made my inner angsty 13 year old make an appearance BIG time. 

(I couldn't even film this video without rolling my eyes...)



~ hear about a major Pet Peeve of mine, and why you don't need to put up with it anymore! 

~ become YOUR best personal trainer + get a taste of an exercise I have all my online program participants do. 

~ finally make movement MEANINGFUL and CONNECTED.   




Answer these Q's: 

1. What is your WHY? WHY is movement important to you? 

If you want to dive even deeper: 

2. What will be available to me when I have _________?

3. How will I act differently when I have _________?

4. What does is really mean about me if I’m __________?

5. What will other people believe about me if I ____________? 

6. What will I believe about MYSELF?   


Write your WHY somewhere where you can see it throughout the day, better yet PROCLAIM IT out loud.


I would love to hear your WHY.

Leave a comment below this video to me your WHY!


With love and meaningful WHY's, 

xoxo elyse



If you want to get your body moving in a mind/body centered way, join us in the 21 Day program

It’s all about non-drastic non-extreme way to consistently add movement into your life. We’re starting a LIVE version next Monday, where I’ll be leading you through it.

And BONUS -  all the profits from the program this week go to a charity to help Puerto Rico rebuild after the hurricane.

There are two ways to join:

$149 for the 21 Day program

$35 today + monthly installments for the 21 Day program AND a year access to the entire Workout Library.

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