When I first walked into Zoe's personal training studio over 10 years ago, we clicked immediately over our shared love of dance. She offered me my first job as a personal trainer, and she's been a mentor, friend, and inspiring colleague ever since.

Her eyes sparkle with her passion for life, the human body, and helping people feel better.  She's an ACE certified personal trainer, a MELT instructor, and specializes in pre/postnatal fitness and longevity. Zoe works with people that aren't just looking to lose weight, but who want to understand their bodies better, get out of pain, reconnect to their bodies, and get moving better than ever. Zoe's a pro at working with new moms, and helping people learn how to manage and heal a variety of chronic pain issues with the MELT Method.

Zoe's words are a MUST read for anyone balancing parenthood, career, and self-care!

Meet Zoe Levine:

How do you help people stay healthy?

I help people feel better, stronger, and more connected in their body, and heal after injury or childbirth so they can do what they love to do best.


What is the #1 thing someone could do TODAY to feel better in their body?

Move. Listen to your body and MOVE. Generally, no one moves enough any more. Even many teenagers I see these days already have the aches and dysfunctional pattern of a 50 year old. We don't move nearly enough. Use it or lose it.


What's your advice to someone who's having trouble getting started with that?

Ask for help. If you already know how you like to move... schedule it!


What does a typical day look like for you and how do you fit movement into it?

Typical day starts at 5:30am so I can get in a quick movement practice without my two young children climbing all over me. I see clients 7-2pm which involves a decent amount of walking or biking. After 2pm I'm in full mommy mode and try to spend much of the after school time playing outside, pretending I'm a monster, hanging from the monkey bars, or relaxing on the side. By 8pm kids are asleep and it's time to prep for the next day, get a few other things off the to do list, do a little relaxing MELT work, and get to bed. With a crazy working mom schedule, I depend on at least one anchor class in my week that I LOVE and will not change for anyone. My current favorite is Brooklyn Body Burn in Cobble Hill.


What other practices keep you healthy? In body and/or in mind?

I love MELT, meditation, and acupuncture. I'm not always great about it, but finding time for myself away from kids and business work, is very important.


What is your JOYworkout?

*Elyse calls a "JOYworkout" a form of movement that is something more than a workout for workout's sake. It's exercise and it's ALSO something that: a) you just plain LOVE to do, b) builds your community, c) teaches you a new skill, d) enhances your spiritual life, e) helps you give back, f) gets you outdoors + is adventurous.



If you "fall off the wagon" with your health + wellness, how do get back into it?

I schedule it in. Usually if I've fallen off track, it just means I've allowed other things to get in the way. To get out of that cycle, I go to my calendar and schedule some movement time for myself or choose a class to go to.


Where are you getting your motivation from right now?

I'm pretty sure I'm just addicted to moving. I can't not move. I feel horrible, disconnected, and dysfunctional when I don't. I'm also just constantly in awe of the human body. Life itself inspires me to move.  


What is a motto or quote that you live by?

When I first became a trainer 12 years ago, each trainer at the gym that I was working had a picture, bio, and quote up on the wall. My quote was from a Mary Chapin Carpenter song "Why walk when you can fly?". It's the first quote I thought of and it still feels right.



Thanks So Much For Sharing With Us Zoe! 

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who's elyse? 


Elyse gets people moving with in-person training and her signature 21-day at-home workout program. She helps make movement a joyful part of one's day, and inspires confidence with her kindness and personalized approach. When she's not doing squats + sun salutations, she's dressed up in vintage lindy hop dancing or gathering other Lovely Lady Entrepreneurs to talk about their careers and living their most passionate lives.

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