8 weeks dedicated to building self-kindness, confidence, strength, in a supportive community.

The #BeKindBodyMind 8 week program is for you if:

…you want to feel at peace with your body and approach exercise as something that feels nourishing, not punishing

…you’re no longer interested in numbers/measurements/percentages/tallying it all up - or working out just for the sake of weight loss, but want to find a deeper connection to physical movement

…you want to consistently think kind thoughts about yourself and your body

…you want to have support from people who are in a similar place

…you want to gain strength, confidence, and flexibility

…you want workouts you can easily do at home


Do you wish you could have guidance and support from someone who's body positive, focuses on intuitive listening and body kindness, and helps you uncover your deeper blocks around your body, health, & wellness?

Let’s go!

In this program we work from a viewpoint that assumes that you are creative, resourceful, whole and YOU have the answers inside of you.

This is an opportunity to dig deeper into your mind/body connection, within an intimate small group setting.

I'm there as your coach to hold space, lead the movement sessions, and help shine light on your own discoveries.

How it works: 

  1. MOVEMENT - You’ll get your stretch + strength on in the comfort of your own home on our LIVE weekly video movement sessions (replays available during the week)

  2. MINDFULNESS - You’ll deepen your mind/body connection with your weekly homework assignment (get your pen + paper ready… journaling here we come!)

  3. MINGLE - You’ll pair up with an accountability buddy and join our online community for supportive conversations, encouragement, and camaraderie



Why coach with me?

Back in the days of my professional dance career I was stuck in a never-ending under-eating → over-exercising → binging cycle. And worse, I was beating myself up about it every second of the day.  I followed all the 'calories in, calories out', 'no gain, no pain' advice and NEVER felt like I was in control.

Fast forward through many years of coaching, learning & certifications, yoga & mindfulness practices, (read my formal bio here) and now I feel so connected to my body. I treat my body with kindness and respect and I'm in the best health of my life. Instead of looking outward for tips, tricks, diets, plans, I look inward because I KNOW my own body know's what's best for me.

I want that for you too. I want to see you wake up LOVING the skin you're in and feeling empowered to show up how you want to in your body. I've witnessed people take these steps I've seen them not only feel better in their bodies, but I've also seen their relationships flourish, new career paths open up, and overall more contentedness and confident all around.

Through in-person training, online group programs + 1:1 coaching I've helped hundreds of other women drop the guilt/shame game around exercise and get moving in a way that feels good.  I'm passionate about helping people feel strong, flexible, and confident in their bodies - in a way that feels realistic to accomplish - because I believe the way you move in your body is the way you show up in your entire life.  

Let's make some movement happen!



At the end of 8 weeks you’ll………………

How it works:

When you purchase...

  1. You'll receive a Welcome note from me delivered to your inbox (check your spam + promotions folders just in case!)

  2. Follow the links in that email to schedule a Skype call + fill out the Getting To Know You + Your Biz form

  3. We'll have our 90 min Skype call and go over all the things!

  4. After our Skype call you'll have 4 weeks of unlimited email (Mon - Thu) so we can tie up any lingering Q's.


Option #2: The 'I'm in it to win it' Long Haul

How it works:

When you purchase...

  1. You'll get everything in Option #1: The Instant Deep Dive

  2. PLUS, you'll get 5 additional 45 min calls over a 6 month period, so you can take continuous action + get continuous feedback toward your goal

  3. Unlimited email (Mon - Thu) throughout the full 6 months so I can help you with accountability as you follow through on your action steps.