1:1 Body Mind Coaching

Are you feeling frustrated and misaligned?

Maybe you KNOW how you view/feel/look in your body will affect your entire life, but you've either already tried ALL the diets, bootcamps, and challenges (and still feel crappy) or you just don't know where to start?

Maybe you're driving yourself crazy with the calculations - numbers/measurements/percentages/tallying it all up - and thinking about what you “should” be doing, instead of doing what feels aligned with your values and lifestyle?

Do you wish you could have guidance and support from someone who's body positive, focuses on intuitive listening and body kindness, and helps you uncover your deeper blocks around your body, health, & wellness?


I'm your gal!

In our coaching sessions together, we work from a viewpoint that assumes that you are creative, resourceful, whole and YOU have the answers inside of you. I'm there, as your coach, to hold space and help shine light on your own discoveries.

This is an opportunity to dig deeper into your mind/body connection.

You'll have access to my library of 30+ videos of varying length (5 - 30 min) and styles (ranging from restorative to high intensity) that you can do at home with minimal equipment to really help you get MOVING in body and in life.


Topics we might discuss, areas to dive into + changes you might see when we're done: 

  • We'll dig deeper into your WHY behind movement and help you include it into your life in a way that feels manageable (ie: without the anxiety, without the "all or nothing", and without getting up at 4am - unless that's your jam!).
  • We'll uncover your core values and discover how to use these in order to actually ENJOY moving your body.
  • We'll be working from the idea that you can both love and appreciate your body the way you are today and still have goals or be working towards something different.
  • How to get confident on video and use YOUR unique personality to bring the right people to you
  • Create copy (aka: words + writing) about your product, so you know how to talk/write about it
  • How to ask your colleagues (and even your competition) to help you spread the word
  • Where to start with growing a social media following and/or your newsletter list
  • An outline of your next steps with an actionable plan to get there!

This is NOT a specific training or food plan.

When my clients go from deprivation / restrictive / continually ‘getting back on track’ perspective to a “I’m listening to my body and I like moving my body in a way that feels good” perspective, all areas of their life shift, grow, and change because of it.



Why coACH with me? 

Back in the days of my professional dance career I was stuck in a never-ending under-eating → over-exercising → binging cycle. And worse, I was beating myself up about it every second of the day.  I followed all the 'calories in, calories out', 'no gain, no pain' advice and never felt like I was in control.

Fast forward through many years of coaching, learning & certifications, yoga & mindfulness practices, (read my formal bio here) and now I feel so connected to my body. I treat my body with kindness and respect and I'm in the best health of my life. Instead of looking outward for tips, tricks, diets, plans, I look inward because I KNOW my own body know's what's best for me.

I want that for you too. I want to see you wake up LOVING the skin you're in and feeling empowered to show up how you want to in your body. I've witnessed people take these steps I've seen them not only feel better in their bodies, but I've also seen their relationships flourish, new career paths open up, and overall more contentedness and confident all around.

Through in-person training, online group programs + 1:1 coaching I've helped hundreds of other women drop the guilt/shame game around exercise and get moving in a way that feels good.  I'm passionate about helping people feel strong, flexible, and confident in their bodies - in a way that feels realistic to accomplish - because I believe the way you move in your body is the way you show up in your entire life.  

Let's make some movement happen!



Option #1: The Instant Deep Dive

How it works:

When you purchase...

  1. You'll receive a Welcome note from me delivered to your inbox (check your spam + promotions folders just in case!)
  2. Follow the links in that email to schedule a Skype call + fill out the Getting To Know You + Your Biz form
  3. We'll have our 90 min Skype call and go over all the things!
  4. After our Skype call you'll have 4 weeks of unlimited email (Mon - Thu) so we can tie up any lingering Q's.


Option #2: The 'I'm in it to win it' Long Haul

How it works:

When you purchase...

  1. You'll get everything in Option #1: The Instant Deep Dive
  2. PLUS, you'll get 5 additional 45 min calls over a 6 month period, so you can take continuous action + get continuous feedback toward your goal
  3. Unlimited email (Mon - Thu) throughout the full 6 months so I can help you with accountability as you follow through on your action steps.