This 14-day program can help you to feel stronger and more positive about your body!


Learn how to create an effective at-home workout routine you'll love - and want to stick to.

Less than 10 min each day and no fancy equipment required!

The Fast Track to Fit & Flexible introduced me to new, quick exercises that I can incorporate into my workout. I loved the warm up sequence - doing that before my workout has made me feel more stable and warmed up (obviously!) going into daily exercise. I loved how body-positive the teaching is and I liked how simple it was to do the exercises with minimal equipment and still get your heart rate up or build strength.
— Meg K.*

What's in the program? 


You'll learn:

  • how to get a kick butt workout in at home - even if you have a crazy busy schedule,

  • the essential mental shifts you need to create a consistent fitness routine,

  • the exact structure + exercises I use for my own at-home workouts.

plus, you'll get...

  • 6 workout videos (all 10 minutes or less) you can do in the comfort of your own home

  • over 70 sample exercises to keep it varied + interesting

  • printable calendar + extra pdf's to help you stay on track

  • access to an AMAZING community of people doing this with you.



And there's no fancy equipment needed!


What are people saying about it? 

This is a great way to stay connected and improve the mind, body, and spirit! Thanks Elyse Sparkes for giving us the motivation and the education and knowledge behind staying fit and exercising.
— Sandra O.*
I want to thank you so much for this program! I enjoyed it so much and have learned a ton! It’s refreshing to do a complete workout that really works, but also with a trainer who makes me feel that I’m giving it my all. I really got to focus on what I was capable of doing and how strong I am, rather than worrying that I wasn’t giving enough. Finding time to focus on your health really is enough!
— Emily H.*
Thank you for kick starting my fitness quest… I just wanted to let you know that you are inspirational.
— Danielle S.*
This morning I woke up with purpose; I unrolled my yoga mat; tied up my laces and started anew! I feel good, I feel positive, I feel strong and determined. Thank you Elyse Sparkes and thank you to all the lovely ladies who participated and shared for your encouragement, support, and inspiration throughout these last two weeks.
— Lisa Beth*
I’ve loved Elyse’s energy, instruction, philosophy, and approach for the workouts.
— Marisa G.*
Elyse is inspiring and super motivational. Her instructions are very clear and she makes it easy to get your body moving again. Although I wasn’t able to do everything due to old injuries, I still felt empowered and part of a supportive community interested in not only the physical work needed for fitness, but also the mental and emotional/spiritual aspects, as well. Her approach is very engaging, straightforward, and holistic.
— Robin*

You have given me so much inspiration you will never know. Your program is so easy to follow. Can’t thank you enough!!!
— Bonnie C.*