Here are a few non-stretchy pants fun tidbits about me.

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1 part country + 1 part city

As a Maine-iac at heart, I love all things related to swimming and stargazing. Brooklyn's been my home for 10+ years now though, so city skylines and pretty much anything in a mason jar lights me up.

Hablas español?

Yo tambien! Well... actually, I'm learning. I recently married my Latin Lover and someday I hope I can have full-on-non-gesture-based conversations with my in-laws. I'm working on it! Slowly, but surely. ;) 

  *Photo by Lexi Lowell Photography

*Photo by Lexi Lowell Photography

love affiar with the 30's & 40's

  *Photo by Christopher Duggan Photography for Syncopated City Dance Company

*Photo by Christopher Duggan Photography for Syncopated City Dance Company

When I was 6 years old, I was cast as Shirley Temple in our community musical theater's original production of a "1930's Review". That pretty much sealed the deal: I'm a lover of swing era music and lindy hop and have danced professionally on stages from Jacob's Pillow to Lincoln Center.

Healthy addictions:

Current obsessions include: Kombucha drinking; traveling to South America; synchronized swimming; long Sunday bike rides; reading about anatomy, neuroscience, and self-help's; and watching Mr. Robot.

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