Lovely Lady Entrepreneurs is an event where fabulous, talented, entrepreneurial women gather to talk about our businesses, promote our products, and strengthen our community. 

It's about supporting, empowering and inspiring each other to make more social change and goodness all around! 

Join us for our next LIVE event in New York, NY on Saturday, March 25th.

At this event...



  • be led through a SENMO* movement class with Ellie Aaron
  • join in an open discussion about leadership + create a manifesto for being a change-maker in 2017 with Elyse Sparkes
  • connect with other amazing, passionate people

Plus goodies from great local companies like Meg Shop, PonyBabe, and...



  • comfy clothes you can move in




*What is SENMO?

SENMO (sensual movement for the modern woman), created by Ellie Aaron, is a movement practice that uses sensuality, dance, and meditation. It helps women find confidence, strength, and joy in their bodies so they can express their brilliance in the world, and find home in themselves.


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*Header photo by lovely photographer Emily DeWan

Your Lovely Lady Entrepreneur host:

Elyse Sparkes

Elyse Sparkes could spend all day journaling, moving, meditating and brainstorming her deepest goals + desires.  And sometimes she does!

She's passionate about blending fitness + mindfulness to help people live in their most joyful, confident body. Elyse works one-on-one with people who want to drop the guilt/shame game around exercise and get moving in a way that feels good.  She helps people do this all around the globe as well in her signature online course: The 21 Day Workout Program with Elyse Sparkes

When she's not helping other people get moving, she's dressed in vintage and lindy hop dancing on stages from Jacob's Pillow to Lincoln Center, and hosting events for Lovely Lady Entrepreneurs.

Want to get moving? Start with these free videos that will help you reduce your neck tension + improve your posture

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