Move Your Mind is a four week email course for yogis, artists, and anyone looking to add more calm, creativity + less stress into your day.

when is it?

COMING SOON. We'll let you know when the next course starts. (It's FREE! Sign up here). 

how does it work? 

1. You'll receive 3 emails weekly with short assignments in drawing mandalas, practicing mindfulness, and moving your body.

2. You'll show us your work using #moveyourmind on Instagram & Facebook.

3. You'll be entered to win prizes (artwork from Eliza & fitness programs from Elyse) just by signing up!


on the surface?

It’s about drawing mandalas and moving your body.

but really?

It’s about overcoming obstacles, unlocking creativity, seeing simplicity and beauty everyday, and cultivating balance.

It’s designed for people who want simple ideas to add more well-being into their everyday---people who struggle to find quiet space in their bodies and minds.

By the end of the workshop, you will have:

  • 4 mindfulness practices
  • 4 original mandala drawings
  • 4 movement exercises
  • weekly, guided support from Elyse and Eliza 
  • a chance to win prizes at the end of the month!


And best of all, you'll have a chance to tap in and embody the unique expression of you!

what do we mean by Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the quality of being conscious and bringing awareness to the present moment.  You’ll use simple tricks and tools to heighten your attention throughout your day.

what do we mean by Mandala?

Mandala is a sanskrit word for circle. Traditionally these sacred drawings were used as a meditation tool. You’ll use these circular shapes to tap into your creative center.

what do we mean by Movement?

Movement is an activity that puts your body into motion.  You’ll get bite-sized assignments to move your body inspired by yoga, strength training, and dance.

Grab your yoga mat + art supplies and get ready to move your body + get your mandala making on...

Mandalas + movements will drop into your inbox at the start of the next course.  

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invite your friends!

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With love, mandalas + movement, 

xoxo elyse + eliza

PS - We want to see what you're up to! Remember to show us your mandalas, mindfulness practices, + movements by using #moveyourmind on instagram + facebook.

meet eliza...

...a color splashing, yoga fostering, word inking artist inviting you to follow your creative impulses, seek out adventure and experience flourishing wellness!  

I believe that artistic talent comes from practice + passion, that in order to be inspiring, you have to be inspired and that the best stuff in life exists at the edge of uncomfortable.

As a painter and designer, I’ve been featured in Kind Over MatterThe Artsy CraftsyYogis Talk Radio Show The Miller’s Thumb Gallery and Boston’s Bazaar Bizarre.

When I’m not drawing botanicals or creating yoga poem paintings, you can find me reading fantasy books, adventuring in the backcountry of Idaho or getting my down dog on with a cup of tulsi tea.

My latest paintings from The Floribunda and Art Asana Collections are now available on the virtual walls of etsy or you can view them in my portfolio.

Discover how to follow your creative impulses and experience full bloom living here.

meet elyse...


Hi, I'm elyse!

I care deeply about getting people to find movement in their bodies.  When it comes to health & wellness I have a simple philosophy: I believe you can LIVE in a body you LOVE right now. 

I'm the creator of the Tone & Tune UP workout {an online program to spark new light into your fitness routine} and a Shrink Session Instructor.  I'm a personal trainer, yogi, Thai massage practitioner, and a lover of life! 

I've been featured in The Active Times, The Gluten-Free Athlete, The Huffington Post, Living Quirky, and Break Time Magazine.

Where else will you find me? Lindy hopping with Syncopated City Dance Company at places like Lincoln Center and Jacob's Pillow, and hosting quarterly events for female business owners through my group Lovely Lady Entrepreneurs.

Ready to get moving? Start with a FREE workout & holistic fitness tips right here