Effective, creative workout programs that help you build strength, flexibility, & body KINDNESS in the comfort of your own home. 

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fast track to fit & flexible

14 days to learn how to create an effective at-home workout you'll love and want to stick to! You'll get workout videos you can do in under 10 min per day (no fancy equipment required!), plus you'll join our super supportive Fit & Flex community.

21 day workout with elyse

We'll lay the foundation for creating a sustainable fitness life - combining physical strength and lengthening moves with massive mental shifts to break that self-hatred thought loop. *Spoiler: it's WAY more than a 21 day challenge.

the workout library

Here's where we put it all together! - ongoing *brand new* videos, calendars, and coaching every month in order to make your health & wellness a consistent lifestyle that feels manageable, joyful and easy to fit into your day.