Because the kindest gift to yourself is a workout you love.

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A year and a half after giving birth, after multiple failed attempts at establishing a workout routine I could stick to, I finally found one that works for me.

I feel better. I have more energy and flexibility. And more confidence. And when my 2 yr old wants to play his current favorite game “Mommy Fall Down” (he tips me so I “fall” on my back, he taps my knee and I sit up again... repeat, repeat, repeat), I can play as long as he wants.

I can’t say enough good things about her or her program. (Seriously - there is NO ONE in the world who could motivate me to wake up at such an early hour to get these workouts in other than Elyse!).
— Phoebe Chase

Imagine seeing yourself in full-body photos, and loving the way you look.

Imagine having more energy for your life and new muscles you flex for your friends.

Imagine being excited to exercise every day.

Without it taking over your life.

A workout that works for you: it’s the holy grail.


No more all-or-nothing, “I don’t have 3 hours so I won’t do anything.”

No more “falling off the wagon.”

No more “gotta hit the treadmill” all-day dread.


Welcome to The Library:

An ongoing membership that will keep you in the daily swing of moving your body -- with a motherlode of workouts, all 30 minutes or less.


You’ll get:

  • Access to the style of workout you need: low impact workouts, yoga-inspired workouts, full body workouts, blasts highlighting different body parts/concentrations, stretch~reach~expand, and meditations

  • Brand NEW workouts added every month, so you'll stay engaged and motivated.

  • A new calendar I've designed for each month (you can print or follow it online) so you'll know exactly what to do each day -- if it’s scheduled, you’ll DO it.

  • Coaching from me on our monthly theme (think: Balance, Transitions, Body Kindness).

  • Access to our supportive FB community to post #sweatyselfies + cheer each other on.

  • PLUS a private (non-Facebook) community where you can post questions, comments, notes for me or others  -- perfect for you if you’re a social-media-phobe.


Join in this supportive community with us!