work with me


work with me

Custom tailored coaching to get you moving in your body and your life.

online training programs

You want to dive deeper into your WHY behind exercise, be kind to your body, and have video workouts you can do anywhere, anytime.


1:1 training at home

You're looking for weekly sessions in balance, stability, mobility, and strength in your home in Brooklyn, New York.

business coaching + events

You're in the wellness/health world and you want to build community and create an online business to help more people.


mindful movement at home

mindful movement at home


In-Person Fitness Coaching

weekly sessions in balance, stability, mobility, & strength in your home.

In-Person Fitness Coaching is great for you if:'re a beginner (or starting again after a loooong time off) and want to have guidance, accountability, and support to build an at-home movement routine or start going to group classes again.'re recovering from an injury and you want to build back up your strength with attention to alignment and form.'re concerned about balance, tension and stiffness, and keeping up your strength as you get older and you want a compassionate trainer to help create a program for you to feel agile and fit. want a personalized program designed just for you.'re ultra busy and want the convenience and time saver of having the workout come to you!


Your sessions will draw from many modalities. We have backgrounds in personal training, yoga, dance, meditation, strength training, Thai massage, and more.

Ultimately sessions are designed around YOUR body and YOUR goals. 

You'll get:


  • weekly or bi-weekly 55 min sessions at your home in New York City or Ventura, California

  • printable outlines of your sessions so you can do the workouts on your own

  • access to the Sparkes Wellness Workout Library with workout videos, printable outlines, meditations + exercises to keep forever

  • accountability, support, and encouragement from a compassionate trainer

  • more strength, flexibility and body confidence

Where are you located?


Your trainer is Jolie!

Jolie Rizzo is a NYC-based intuitive trainer and Intuitive Movement Flow creator, virtual spiritual alignment coach, and lightworker. She loves all things health, self-love, and spiritual. Jolie’s coaching combines her love for all things health, personal development, spirituality, and her background in psychology. She'll help you live the life you've always dreamed of living - a life of ease & flow. Read more about Jolie here.

Elyse, I wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying my sessions with Jolie. Jolie makes each session challenging and varied. She is a wonderful trainer and a special person!
— Nancy Abramson


Your trainer is Elyse!

Elyse Sparkes is the owner of Sparkes Wellness and the mastermind behind everything you see here on She is a personal trainer, yoga teacher, fitness coach, Thai massage practitioner, and professional dancer. Elyse recently moved to the west coast and is excited to spread body kindness in Ventura, California. Read more about Elyse here.

Elyse’s personality and knowledge led me to a whole new level of fitness and body awareness.

Elyse has a delightful personality, which for me was a real motivating force as I did her challenging workouts. She’s there to teach you how to properly align your body, work your muscles, and create positive intentions as you approach each move. She taught me that I can do much more than I thought. In between workouts, she’s available by email or phone and provides helpful reviews and encouraging words to keep you going.

Elyse is professional, knowledgeable, optimistic, encouraging, and a lot of fun. This makes it much more tolerable as she pushes you through uncomfortable places in your muscles (and mind) to reach new levels of fitness.
— Deb Hall

Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Coaching, mastermind groups, and live events for passionate wellness entrepreneurs.

AprilLLE-SamanthaLSiegel-48 (1).jpg


You're craving a community of women who are driven, passionate and interested in lifting each other up. You want to have consistent support as you're turning your dreams into reality, and share brain power with entrepreneurs you respect. 


1:1 consulting

You're ready to make a difference in the world and step up in a meaningful way. We zoom in on what you really want to create, align that vision with your values, and propel you into action so you can start to earn money doing what you love. 



Fabulous, talented women like YOU gather here to talk about our businesses, promote our products, and strengthen our community. It's all about supporting and empowering each other to make more social change and goodness all around!

*LLE photography on this page by Emily DeWan Photography (banner), Eileen O'Donnell Photography (left), Deb Hall (center), Samantha Lawton (right). 


1:1 Biz consulting

1:1 Biz consulting


1:1 Biz Consulting

Are you feeling exhausted from the hustle of working in-person with 1:1 clients and want to add extra income to your health/wellness business?

Looking for some guidance and help focusing your creative ideas into an online project that could create more freedom in your schedule and help you reach even more clients?

Do you wish you could pick someone's brain who's already been there?


I'm your gal!

I've added online courses, programs, and coaching into my revenue stream successfully so I'm no longer relying 100% on trading time for money and schlepping to my clients' houses at all hours of morning, noon, and night (still do... but on my own time schedule. Aka, working 2.5 days a week + no more 5:30am training sessions!). I use my creativity on the daily, have the time and freedom to travel, and am able to help waaaay more people along the way. 


Topics we can geek about, areas to dive into + plans we might have when we're done: 

  • We can figure out who your ideal clients are, where to find them, + what exact problem you'll be helping them solve
  • What platforms to use to build your course/program
  • Types of equipment you'll need to get started (I'm an open book - I'll tell you everything I use behind the scenes and have tons of video/graphic design/course-creation resources for you to find out more too)
  • How to get confident on video and use YOUR unique personality to bring the right people to you
  • Create copy (aka: words + writing) about your product, so you know how to talk/write about it
  • How to ask your colleagues (and even your competition) to help you spread the word
  • Where to start with growing a social media following and/or your newsletter list
  • An outline of your next steps with an actionable plan to get there!


Why have a consultation with me? 

I know how hard it is to be in the health/wellness world grind. You want so deeply to help other people live their most healthy vibrant lives, and YET you're wreaking havoc on your own immune system just to make ends meet. I want you to have more flexibility with your schedule, more financial overflow, more connection to your inner creativity, and shine your light as bright as you can so you can make the difference you KNOW you can make. I'm living it and I believe it's possible to take care of yourself AND put your best work out into the world to help others.

Let's make some movement happen!



Option #1: The Instant Deep Dive

How it works:

When you purchase...

  1. You'll receive a Welcome note from me delivered to your inbox (check your spam + promotions folders just in case!)
  2. Follow the links in that email to schedule a Skype call + fill out the Getting To Know You + Your Biz form
  3. We'll have our 90 min Skype call and go over all the things!
  4. After our Skype call you'll have 4 weeks of unlimited email (Mon - Thu) so we can tie up any lingering Q's.


Option #2: The 'I'm in it to win it' Long Haul

How it works:

When you purchase...

  1. You'll get everything in Option #1: The Instant Deep Dive
  2. PLUS, you'll get 5 additional 45 min calls over a 6 month period, so you can take continuous action + get continuous feedback toward your goal
  3. Unlimited email (Mon - Thu) throughout the full 6 months so I can help you with accountability as you follow through on your action steps.

community co-working with childcare

community co-working with childcare

 Community Co-Working with Childcare

What is it?

An intimate group of mamas who are craving time and space to get some work done.

We’re creating a tight-knit community with part time childcare, full time career results!

This is perfect for you if you’re: 

  • working remotely and you’re tired of feeling isolated in your home office

  • a SAHM and you’re ready to get crackin’ on your passion project

  • a solo-preneur and want to collaborate + make connections with other mom bosses  


  1. We meet at The Mama Cocoon co-working space in Ventura, CA twice a week (exact day/times TBD).

  2. Our kiddos play in the Mama Cocoon/Papa Saloon with a trusted childcare provider.

  3. We have 8 hours per week of laser-focused creation time, with structured ways to get to know each other, develop support, brainstorming + accountability.

  4. We build major career growth while our kids are being well-cared for, and feel more efficient and productive than ever!

    Win, win, win.  

It’s like if your bad-ass biz mastermind, your BFF’s, and your beloved nanny all got together at the same time.


sample FALL Co-Working Dates:

*Exact days/times TBD, but you can expect two days/week with the exception of holidays.

  • OCT: 1st & 3rd, 8th & 10th, 15th & 17th, 22nd & 24th, 29th

  • NOV: 5th & 7th, 12th & 14th, 19th & 21st

  • DEC: 3rd & 5th, 10th & 12th, 17th & 19th

samplE format for a session: 

  • Arrive + catch up

  • Quick, yet high-powered masterminding

  • Co-Working

  • Break

  • Co-Working

  • Closing w/purposeful connection

You’ll get: 

  • 8 hours of trusted, high-quality childcare per week

  • Time away from your kiddos so you can concentrate + focus on your projects

  • Energized + invigorated about your work again

  • Inspired by other mamas pursuing their dreams

  • Accommodating co-working atmosphere (aka you don’t have to keep buying latte’s or asking the barista for the bathroom code!)

  • Motivation, inspiration, accountability, and action-packed progress



What’s my investment to join?

Our goal is to keep the cost as low as possible. We’re aiming for 4 - 6 of us to commit to splitting the childcare/space fees. We’re currently securing the childcare and, of course, finding… YOU! So the rate will depend on how many people are in the group.

If you’re interested fill out this form and we’ll contact you when the final cost details are confirmed.

I want to join, but my child is already in preschool all day. Do I still have to pay for childcare?

All parents at any stage are welcome! We’ll have two different price tiers, one with childcare and one without.

How long am I committing to be part of the group?

You’ll be committing to the Fall Co-Working dates (approximation of dates listed above). We’ll start a new group every quarter of the year, so at the end of every few months you can decide if you’d like to join for the next round of co-working together.

What if my kid gets sick or I’m on vacation, can I just drop in instead of signing-up for the whole series?

We’re parents, we TOTALLY understand that not everyone will be able to attend every co-working time. However, we also want to create a committed intimate group of people who want to see major growth, even when ‘life’ stuff comes up. We’re keeping the costs as low as possible to still make the investment worth your while if you’re not able to make all the sessions. 

If your child is sick, please keep them home. We can live-stream with you from home so you can still co-work with us. 

What if I need to schedule client calls or conference meetings during our co-working times?

We’ve got you covered. We have a small meeting room upstairs with a door for when you need to make occasional calls, have video conference meetings, etc. This will be available for use during our co-working times in addition to the open conference area.

I don’t really have my own business yet, but I have an idea I want to start working on. Will I feel left behind? 

Not at all, please join! Whether you work as a remote employee for a company and want to get out of your home office, have your own business and want some support, or are just getting started with your idea and need child-free brainstorming time, this co-working time will benefit you. 

We’ll start with structured catching up + sharing what you’re working on (or want to focus on), and defining your goals. Then we’ll have dedicated co-working time, where you can doodle, journal, design, plan social media posts, answer emails, meditate… or whatever you want. We’ll take timed breaks to get a breather and then finish the time recapping and solidifying accountability pieces for the next week.

Applications are intimidating! Why do I have to fill out an application form?

Please don’t stress about the application form! Think about it like raising your hand to say “I’m interested!”. It’s an organized way we can find out about how many kids you’ll be bringing to childcare, their ages, contacting you, your preference for meeting day/times, etc.

If you LOVE this idea, but you’re thinking “I wish it was ____________, then I’d do it in a heartbeat”. Still apply and let us know! This is the founding group, so we want to know what will work for you.

We already have 2 spots reserved, so if you’re interested…