TONE = to give greater strength, to harmonize with

TUNE = to adjust, a melody

Tone & Tune UP is an online workout program with full body videos, that energize and encourage you in 30min or less.

The next 21 day Tone & Tune UP starts June 15th!

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What is the Tone & Tune UP workout?

It's an online fitness program that you can do wherever you are, whenever you like.  All with no fancy equipment, and I bet you'll have fun while you're doing it. ;)

You'll see dramatic upgrades in your physical body, your mental clarity, and your faith in what you can accomplish in just 30 minutes a day.

There's no calorie counting and no weighing in. What you lose isn't the point - though, that can be a result!

The Tone & Tune UP workout is about what you gain - like increased muscle tone, strength, flexibility, glowing skin, and kinder, more compassionate thoughts about yourself.


What do you get?


  • get downloadable 30-minute full-body workout videos that combine yoga with strength and cardio training;
  • have access to the Tone & Tune UP library of workout videos, including extra 30-minute stretch and mini-“blast” workouts for lower or higher energy days; 
  • get a printable calendar each month to keep you on track;
  • get journaling and goal-setting exercises so you’re making a life change, not just a body change;
  • access to a private Facebook community for support and accountability;
  • have lifetime access to your videos & the all material in your Tone & Tune UP, so you can continue your workouts.

Want a little more 1:1? Become a VIP!

As a VIP you'll get everything listed above, PLUS a 30 min coaching call with me, ongoing personalized email support, and special workout add-ons just for you. 

VIP is for you if: 

  • you have specific injuries, health concerns, or are returning to working out post-pregnancy
  • you succeed best with personalized attention
  • you want 1:1 time with a personal trainer who actually gets you
  • you know you get easily thrown off track when unexpected "life" moments happen and you want someone who can help you stay focused and put your wellness first.
  • your schedule is insane! You want help figuring out how & when to exercise within your personal calendar.

What are people saying about Tone & Tune UP? 

“I moved my body every day! I definitely feel stronger. My husband commented that I am carrying myself with more confidence.” 

~Nancy Abramson

“It’s no longer a question of if I am going to workout but when.  I enjoyed the positivity, the modifications, encouragement, facebook group, the bonuses, the metaphors, and of course the workouts alone. What made this really amazing though was the weekly email and how you seemed to be reading my mind. You really understand all the hardships of women. Whether it is a mother, working women or anything else, you get it."

~Kimberly Cornforth

“I’ve lost a few pounds, have muscles I didn’t before starting which I am so excited about. I can now get through the plyo’s feeling strong and confident! [I’m] getting compliments from people who don’t know I’m doing a challenge about how toned I look, and I just feel better in my body, which is helping my mind catch up too =)."

~Kelly Piersanti

“I am stronger and have a much better sense of what working out for 30 minutes in the morning “looks” like... it’s WAY easier than I thought.I’m happy to say that I CAN work out in the morning and that newfound knowledge (to me) is empowering me to do it more often.”

~Deb Hall

Any Q's? 

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