hi there!

I bet you found your way here because…

  • You’re smart, creative, and passionate and you totally get the importance of living in a fit body with a calm mind.  
  • You want to feel bold & beautiful in your own skin and show up to EVERYTHING you do beaming with confidence.  (And you know that a little bit of endorphins go a long way to make that happen).
  • You’re looking for a way to upgrade your level of self-care and get moving in your life.

You may know what you need to do to get that dream body and ideal lifestyle, but..

You’re Just. Not. Doing it.  

You’re busy and you’re tired.

You’re juggling your career...family...relationships…(and EVERYTHING else!)

Your body feels weak, tight, and you’re losing control.

You’re going to start a new diet or exercise program “tomorrow”. Or maybe the Monday after tomorrow…

You’re feeling uncomfortable in your clothes, discouraged from post-baby (or job stress) weight, irritable in your relationships, and overwhelmed at work.

This is not the way you want to operate anymore.

Take a deep breathe and get ready for massive changes chica, because this is where I come in.

I'm here to get you moving your body and feeling wildly strong, sexy, and confident in your skin again.

What does that look like?

It’s when exercise goes from one more thing on your To-Do list that you can hardly fit into your already busy schedule to something FUN and rewarding that you look forward to every day because you know you’re going to see & feel kick ass results.

It’s when you start doing squats & sun salutations and all of a sudden you get that job promotion, your sweetie notices how HOT you look in your skinny jeans on date night, and you can out-run your kids on the playground.

It’s when you include moments of meditation into your day and you start to have kinder thoughts about your body (and when you look in the mirror you actually think your thighs look Daaaamn fine), you feel like your friendships are more meaningful, and you find time to treat yourself to a [insert relaxing activity of your choice -bubble bath? massage? mani-pedi? uninterrupted glass of wine & Mad Men-athon?].

I combine strength & cardio training, yoga, dance, and Thai massage into powerful sessions that have a perfect balance of fresh new challenges and nurturing support to create massive upgrades in your physical body, your mental clarity, and your faith in what you can accomplish.

This is not cookie cutter personal training.  

I design your program to be exactly what YOU need for where you are and what you want to see in your life.  I’ll make sure you sweat, feel toned and lengthened, and above all else feel better than when you started.

Ready to get moving?

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Elyse, I’m so glad to get your wellness emails. They are wonderful and really lifted my spirits today. You are an inspiration!
— Evita Arce, Professional Dancer & Choreographer, Director of Swing FX

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