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This program has given me so so much. The videos are fantastic—I can work out anywhere—in a hotel room, in my apartment, in a park—and fit it in anytime. I’m so much less stressed when I’m in the 21 day program. I look forward to exercising, I’m able to stay calmer during stressful situations, and I feel better about my body. I love the support from the Facebook group and Elyse’s weekly emails and videos. It’s a life-changer.
— Erica Cox*

You want to be one of those people who works out consistently, but crazy busy life things keep getting in the way!

Maybe you say you'll "start tomorrow”.  Then tomorrow turns into the next tomorrow, and then the tomorrow after that… and six months later you’ve never been. (It’s happened to the best of us!)

Overwhelm takes over when you’re trying to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing: Which exercises?... For how long?... How many reps?...

Your back is achy from being behind your desk all day, but the thought of pounding a treadmill after work feels boring and monotonous. So... Netflix wins out again.

You’ve already tried it ALL. 

And you’re over calorie counting, body shaming, and measurements.

You want to put yourself first.

You want it to stay on track even when you’re traveling for work, even when you’re taking care of your kids, even when LIFE tries to throw you off your course.

And I’m here to tell you it’s possible. All you have to do is show up.


This 21 day program is a simple - and fun! - way to stop beating yourself up about your fitness habits and start gaining a stronger, more flexible and toned body.

I went from barely being able to hold a plank at all (when I really pushed myself I just made it for 40 seconds) to holding it for a whole minute and a quarter!...Being back in the zone has made starting exercise feel easy, and Elyse’s pep talks, tips and tricks have made me understand that it’s all about balance, gentle encouragement and self-cheerleading - carrot not stick!
— Marsha Shandur, yesyesmarsha.com*

How does it work?  

Throughout 21 days, you’ll get:

  • a new 30-min full-body workout each week that combines yoga with strength, cardio, and high intensity interval training;
  • a printable 21 day calendar so you'll know exactly what to do and when to do it;
  • additional stretch or mini-"blast" workouts for lower or higher energy days;
  • writing prompts, ideas, and goal-setting exercises so you're making a life change, not just a body change;
  • a private community for support and accountability so you know you're not alone and you can chat with other people who are doing this with you;
  • guidance from a trainer who actually gets you (that's me!)
  • and access to all your worksheets & videos, even after the program is over so you can keep using them forever.


Say YES to feeling stronger, leaner, and more confident in your body.


What are the workouts like?

Each workout video is designed to move your entire body. 

The 30 minute workouts are divided into 6 sections:

  • Warm up: Coordinating your movement & breath, activating your core, arms & legs
  • Cardio Warm up: Picking up the pace to increase your heart rate & get a little sweaty!
  • 50/10 Intervals: High Intensity Interval Training alternating 50 sec on with 10 sec rest
  • Plyo Power Challenge: A complex movement series meant to challenge your body & your brain (don't get scared off.. there are variations for every level, I promise. YOU can do it!)
  • Alignment Assignment: Exercises that focus on balance, stability, core strength, & smaller muscle groups
  • Lengthen & Stretch: Cooling down with simple yoga poses in an easy-to-follow sequence.

Plus, you’ll get bonus workout videos in my 'Stretch~Reach~Expand' and 'BLAST' styles:

  • Stretch~Reach~Expand: 20-30min videos with calming stretches and flowing sequences to help you relax your mind and feel lengthened in your body (perfect for early mornings, bedtime routines, or rest days!).
  • BLASTS: 10-15min strengthening videos that concentrate on one area of the body with less cardio and more focus (good for when you have limited time).

Imagine working out being, well... not work at all. But fun, varied, achievable, and easy to fit into your life!

And even more importantly, JOYful.

What people are saying...

As a mom to a young child, being able to do these workouts at home was invaluable because sometimes all I had was 30 minutes and I didn’t have the extra time to drive to and from the gym. I could make the workout happen without a ton of planning. Elyse is also very supportive and encouraging and I found her words helped me to focus on the good work my body was doing rather than the typical negative self-talk that can pollute exercise experiences.
— Sarah Miller Shea*
This is a fun way to get fit. Elyse creates great routines, mixes it up and always remembers the fun! This program will make you sweat and think mindfully about your body.
— Nancy Abramson*
This is such a terrific program for so many reasons. The workouts are thorough and fun to do, plus 30 minutes is SO doable. The writing exercises help you think about your life in bigger, more expansive ways. Elyse delivers all this material with an infectious energy, a huge smile, and tons of motivation. She’s also genuinely there for you - to cheer you on and support you, to answer questions, address concerns and sympathize if you’re facing a challenge. She’s knowledgeable, bright, wise, and funny. I highly recommend this program with Elyse. She’ll brighten your day.
— Deb Hall*
I really loved the workout - LOVED that it was only 30 minutes long. It was the perfect balance of hard enough to be challenging, but not so hard that it was dispiriting. I also found the possibilities to vary it depending on ability meant I didn’t get bored with it. It had a good amount of variety to keep me interested. And I felt like I had company whenever I did it! I loved Elyse’s chat and her manner. *every single time* she asked “Are you sweating?” I shouted back ‘YES! I AM SWEATING!’
— Marsha Shandur*

This is Perfect for you if:

  • you're familiar with exercises like squats & planks, but it's been awhile since you’ve done them and you're feeling out of shape
  • you want to feel AWESOME in your clothes, like you can look great in everything in your closet
  • you're comfortable working out on your own and motivated to push yourself a little bit harder to get the results you want to see
  • you want support from someone who will tell you exactly what you need to do, help you stay accountable, is compassionate, and totally gets you. (I’ve got your back!)
  • you get that exercise can help you gain muscle tone, lose weight, strengthen your core, increase your endurance, boost your confidence, have glowing skin, more pleasant relationships, better sleep, etc. 

This isn't a great fit for you if:

  • you aren't willing or motivated to workout on your own
  • you're dealing with a significant injury and need one-on-one-eyes-on-you attention
  • you're looking for a quick fix, fad diet, or measurement plan
  • you're negative and aren't compassionate towards other people
  • you ONLY care about losing weight without regard to other physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual aspects that compose your overall health

The heart behind the program?

hi, i'm elyse!

I've supported over 100 people from all over the world find EASE + KINDNESS in their fitness lives from being a part of the Tone & Tune UP program.

But it wasn't always so easy + kind for me.

Throughout my dance career I was stuck in a never-ending under-eating → over-exercising → binging cycle.  And WORSE, I was beating myself up about it every second of the day.  

If I missed an extra workout, I felt like I was a failure. If I got it in, I was on a treadmill for hours - literally running my body down, depleting my energy, and going nowhere fast. 

It took A LOT of discipline to live my life!

The daily weighing in, counting food points, measuring my waist, following the latest “lose 5” fad, tripling reps of the best fat burning exercises, restricting, depriving, and covering up my health problems.

When I started studying mindfulness and yoga, I became determined to find BALANCE in my approach to how working out and staying healthy fit into my life in a way that I could maintain.

In a way that freed me up to focus my thoughts on my other passions, my career, what I want to create in the world.

In a way that keeps me strong.

In a way that keeps me centered.

In a way that’s exciting and fun.

In a way that I can continue with ease.

In a way that feels truly HEALTHY.

I want to share this lifestyle with as many people as possible.  Which is why I created this 21 day program.  

I draw from my certifications in personal training, yoga, Thai massage, and extensive studies in anatomy & physiology, body mechanics, meditation, and neuroscience to create a workout program that is smart, effective, and based in positive psychology.

Get (lifetime video streaming access) for $149. 

That's $7 a day. 

And even less because you'll continue to use them!

Are you willing to make a small investment for massive impact on your health? 

Elyse’s program never fails to get me back on track, no matter how much crazy is going on in my life.
— Jennifer K. Armstrong*

Have more questions? Some A's to your Q's...


  • How much time will this take?

The minimum amount of time you'll need is 30 minutes 3 times per week for the full body workout videos (I recommend Mon, Wed, Fri, though you're welcome to rearrange those days depending on your specific schedule). On the remaining days of the week you will follow the *optional* videos and goal setting exercises (each between 5 - 30min). And you'll have one full rest day per week.


  • Do I have to show up at a certain time? 

No, you can do the workouts whenever it's best for YOUR schedule. There are no "live" class times that you have to attend. I'll give you a printable calendar so you'll know exactly what to do on each day. THAT being said, this program is meant to fit in with your unique schedule, so there is room for you to shift the days around if you need. 


  • Will I actually get a decent workout in 30 minutes? 

Yes, it's totally possible. Challenging your body is not about how much time you have, but how much intensity and intention you put into it. I designed these workouts to use compound movements (more efficient because you're using your entire body in each move), high intensity interval training ("HIIT" - using time intervals to combine strength AND cardio), focuses alignment exercises so you're training your core and postural muscles, and yoga poses to improve your mobility and flexibility. PLUS, in all the videos I suggest ways you can make the exercises more or less challenging depending on your level.


  • Can I do this at home...how much space do I need?

YES! You can do these at home, in a hotel room, OR at the gym, your choice. You need about a yoga mat's amount of space.


  • Do I need specific equipment?

Yes, I recommend you use a yoga mat and a pair of 3-6lb weights. Though everyone's starting from a different place so you may use more or less weight depending on where you're starting from. If you don't have dumbbells available to you, I recommend using water bottles, shampoo bottles, or soup cans.  


  • How can this fit in with any other exercise or activities I'm already doing?

You can absolutely keep doing any other activities you're already doing! It's important to make sure to give yourself at least 1 full day of rest per week. People who already have a fitness routine in place usually find Tone & Tune UP workouts helpful to supplement their running, spinning, or yoga routines. Or when they're traveling, when they miss a class or can't make it to the gym, and for the community and intimate support.


  • Is everyone else who does this super fit? What if I can't do a plank?

Oh gosh, I have SO much to say about this Q!

A) People from ALL levels, ALL ages, and from ALL over the world do these workouts. 

B) It's great for beginners to advanced exercisers. If you're a beginner make sure to watch the modifications videos before you start (see next question). If you're more advanced, use heavier weights and listen for the other suggestions I have to make the moves more challenging. *If you are dealing with a significant injury or body pain, please contact me before you sign up to discuss if this will be right for you. 

C) Note: Since we are going for an efficient workout in 30 min or less, know that at times you will be getting up and down from the floor quickly. You can always pause the video in order to do that, and as you hear me say in the videos - as long as you're moving your body for 30 minutes, YOU'RE DOING IT!

D) Our community is AMAZING! These are the most supportive, encouraging, people I've seen in a fitness program, who are always cheering each other on.

E) Everyone starts from a different place, and here a some things you must have: a willingness to succeed and a willingness to keep going through possible uncomfortableness of doing something new (aka, you might be sore, and that's okay). :)  


  • Are the workouts easy to modify? Do you give tips for modifications?

Yes! Watch the Prep/Modification videos (5min) before you do the full videos (30min). I break down the complex moves, so that you feel comfortable with how to modify for wherever you're starting from. Plus, as long as you're moving your body for the duration of the video, you're doing it!


  • Will I be on a diet plan?

Nope. This program does not have an official nutrition component. I will occasionally offer some food and meal ideas within our private community (I focus on tips & practices to eat consciously), but there's no dieting or meal plans. We will be zoning in on the physical and mental aspects of exercise, which will positively effect everything else in your body and life (including your food choices). 


  • What if something comes up and I'm not able to finish within 21 days?

While this program lasts for 21 days in theory, it's really about making a life change. You'll be able to continue to login to the program and use the workout videos even after the program is over. If you'd like to receive the emails again from day #1, send me a note, and I can have them resent to you.


  • What is your refund policy?

I believe in this program so much, I think you're going to be 100% in love with it! If you have any concerns, email me within the first 7 days of purchasing the program and I'll ask you a few questions to see how I can help. After that, if it turns out to be not the best fit for you, I will refund you. Please understand that if you choose not to continue at any later point you will not receive a refund.


This 21 day program has everything you need to transform your body without the fancy equipment and pesky trips to the gym.

Just you, me, and 30-minute videos that will change your mind about what you can accomplish in a half hour.

Still have questions? I have answers!

Send me a note, I'm happy to hear from you.